How To Take Screenshots On Android Without Rooting It

Now you need not root your Android to install non-Market apps so that you can capture / take screenshots on Android. You can now do this without rooting your Android device. Capture / Take Screenshots On Android Without Rooting Before you start with it, you need to have Android SDK on your computer. So, download […]

How To Restore iPod Shuffle

There might some sort of technical issues with your iPod Shuffle. And the best way to fix those issues when you are not able to understand the cause is to factory reset iPod. So, we bring you with the complete guide to restore iPod Shuffle. So, when you restore iPod Shuffle, what exactly happens to […]

How To Install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread On Google Nexus S

Google is all set to release Android 2.3.4 patch for Google Nexus S. Like always, your Nexus S would automatically get updated to this latest patch, but if you are super excited and want to install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread on Google Nexus S manually, then here is the guide for you. The below guide is […]

How To Root Sony Xperia PLAY

It has not been much of time that Sony Xperia PLAY has been in the market, but it has started impressing quite a good share of Android users. And people looking for a powerful smartphone with good gaming. And programmers have already started coming up with simpler and easier ways to root Sony Xperia PLAY. […]

Tips To Save Battery Of Blackberry Playbook

Just like any tablet PC and smartphone, you need to take special care if you are looking to save battery of Blackberry Playbook. These tips are very much similar to the ones which help you save battery on other smartphones and tablet PCs. Tips To Save Battery Of Blackberry Playbook Keep An Eye On The […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S 2

Samsung Galaxy S has proved to be one of the best Android smartphones in the market. And no wonder, Galaxy S 2 lived upto its expectations. Now, it is also ranked among the best ones in the Android market. Now, if you are having any such thoughts of rooting Samsung Galaxy S 2, then here […]

How To Use PlayStation Eye As Webcam On Windows

Together, PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move have changed the complete dynamics of console gaming. People always had an issue with gaming consoles as they physically just harm you. But, with these PS accessories, you can actually involve yourself physically in the game. Now, if you want to use the PlayStation Eye as webcam on Windows, […]

How To Change Default Font On Android Devices

There is nothing wrong with the default font on Android. It is clean, crisp and clear. But, if you are kind of bored of that font, then changing it would surely give its interface a new look. If you are using Android 2.2 or higher version, then you would offered with a default option of […]

XboxBurner – Burn Xbox And Xbox 360 Game Images

XboxBurner is an open source program which lets you burn Xbox 360 game images. It is so very easy to use this program that most of the users have labeled it as the easiest way to copy Xbox 360 games and that speaks a lot. You can easily burn Xbox games to DVDs just by […]

How To Transfer Data From iPad To iPad 2

Time to make some way for iPad 2. If you are looking to transfer your data from old iPad to new iPad 2, then we have complete guide for your. Here, data includes all the apps, contacts, settings, music, photos and every other thing stored on your iOS tablet. Trasnfer Data From iPad To iPad […]

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