How To Disable Camera Sound On Samsung Galaxy S II

Since Samsung Galaxy S II has come to the market, it has been selling like anything. Just like its previous model Galaxy, this S II version is also a super hit. Since it has come into the market and already millions of users are using it, we would like to share few tip and tricks […]

5 Best Android Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Yes, Dropbox is surely one of the best things happened to Internet world. It has solved so many problems linked to storage. And here are some of he best Android Dropbox tips and tricks which would let you make the best of this wonderful free online storage service on your Android device. One of the […]

How To Install Cydia on iPad 2

If you Apple iPad 2 is running on iOS 4.3.3, then installing Cydia on it is nothing less than a few clicks. If you were looking for a safe iPad 2 jailbreak, this might be the perfect answer. Once you are done reading the whole guide (which would hardly take a minute), you would be […]

How To Download Google Maps For Android Offline Use For Free

Yes, Android has made life easier in many aspects. Whether it would be making Internet available in your palm or whether it would be its amazing applications, Android has been on huge invention. Have you been using Google Maps on Android, if yes, then thought of how to download Google Maps for Android for free […]

How To Get Android Notifications On Computer

This no Android hack or something that rooted Android device lets you do. If you want to get Android notifications on computer, then you need to use a simple app named as, RemotifyMyDroid. All you need is a computer, Android device and a WiFi connection, then you can remotely receive Android notifications. If you thinking […]

How To Fix PS3 DNS Error

When one of my friend tried to connect his PS3 to Internet for the first time, he encountered an error saying Cannot Connect Error. Since it was the first time he tried doing so, he though something was wrong with this gaming console. But that was actually a DNS error. So, lets talk about how […]

Best Ways To Connect iPod To Car Stereo

Digital music is ruling the world. Now I hardly see anybody using Walkman or Portable CD Player. These things are not only out of fashion, but they are also out of tech world. So, have you ever wondered or tried if you can connect iPod to car stereo. Not just iPod or iPhone, may be […]

How To Create New Folder In Android

As an Android user you might have surely felt powerless when you wanted to create new folder. But with the recent updates, it does allow you to create new folder in Android. Basically, it would be about making desktop folder in Android which would let you drag all your stuff on the Home Screen. This […]

How To Download Paid Android Apps For Free

Well, I wont be sharing a trick to bluff Android Market and download paid Android apps for free. Infact, we would be using a all new market itself. So if you are wondering what does this new Android market has to do with the paid apps. Then let me clear the air for you. This […]

How To Fix Dead Pixels On LCD Monitor / Laptop

If in case you find that there are some stuck pixels on your laptop screen or LCD monitor, what would you do? If you are thinking of taking it to any hardware engineer, then we would like to stop and save your money. There is free portable app which lets you find and fix dead […]

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