Introducing Project Ara: What it means for Gamers

While you may well have heard of Project Ara, the quality of details released into the public domain remains sketchy at best. In terms of core information, the majority of consumers know little more than the fact that it is a new Google innovation that is aimed at revolutionizing smartphone design and functionality. Essentially, Google […]

Smartphone Users Stats – Infographic

We love Infogprahic and we have sharing some incredible infographics lately. Here is the one on Smartphone Stats. As the title suggests, this infographic basically depicts the manner in which smartphones are being used today. And this Infographic includes the percentage of different OS dominating the smartphone world, share of different manufacturers and many more […]

Secret Document Reveals Microsoft’s XBox 710 Console Plans

Today we live in a world where globally we are conglomerate but yet dependent on one another. They say that we live in a world where one man’s loss is another man’s gain. So we have to be really careful. Secrets are often an essential part of business strategy, especially when it comes to unveiling […]

Why Verizon Blocked Google Wallet On Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been pushed by search-giant Google and a number of major financial institutions, retailers and mobile manufacturers over the past 12 months or so. Its brand of contactless payment is being seen as a potential replacement for cash and credit cards in the long term, which is perhaps why the […]

Samsung Vs Apple – The Battle Intensifies

The heat has been building for quite some time now between Apple and Samsung, regarding lawsuits and claims of patent infringement that have earned the two giants widespread media attention, dominating the technology pages of newspapers gracing many a reclining sofathe world over. Apple initially filed official injunctions against Samsung in an attempt to block […]

250GB Standalone Hard Disk For Xbox 360 By Microsoft

Microsoft is all set to release its 250GB standalone hard disk for Xbox 360 gaming console on March 11 in Japan for ¥15,540 (US$172). Microsoft has been offering this 250GB add-on hard drive for Xbox 360 with its bundle since an year outside Japan. Kei Iwasaki, a Microsoft spokesman in Tokyo said that Microsoft has […]

Google Touch Screen Tablet Pc With Google Chrome OS

The conceptual design of Google Touch Screen tablet PC / computer powered by Google Chrome OS. Glen Murphy, Google Chrome’s UI lead designer is out with few concept designs of this Google tablet PC. This year, tablet PCs and ebook readers seem to have captured the markets. Its not been long that Apple has introduced […]

Google Phone Nexus Two Is Similar To Motorola Shadow And Is Blackberry Killer, Is It?

Rumors are heating up that Google Phone Nexus Two Is Similar To Motorola Shadow. Just after the few days of HTC Google Phone Nexus One release, such rumors are flying from China. Google Nexus One haven’t even reached the European markets and people have started talking about Google Phone Nexus Two. Lately, Motorola was present […]

Motorola Ruth MB511 – 3G Android Smart Phone – Specifications Out

Motorola Ruth MB511 is the newest Android Smart Phone after Motorola Droid. Its not official though, its specifications are out. Motorola is still working on it, and will soon announce it(expected). Motorola Ruth MB511 will feature Moto Blur and is expected that this Android phone will be powered by Android 2.0 or 2.1, as Android […]

HTC Nexus One Accessories – Bluetooth Desktop Dock And Car Dock passes at FCC

HTC Nexus One is the HOTTEST gadget at the moment. And Bluetooth Desktop Dock And Car Dock, as Nexus One Accessories make it further desirable. This Android powered Smartphone is already burning all the markets. Recently, this Google Phone or better known as HTC Nexus One has announced the coming of its Nexus One accessories […]

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