Install Android Market And Google Apps On Archos Tablets For Free

Archos has been there in the industry of tablet PCs since so many years. And one of the reason of their tablets being not popular is the fact that it does not let you run Android or Google apps on it. Despite of all these reasons, Archos is still a popular brand in the market […]

5 Reasons Which Make Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 An iPad Killer

Finally Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 reaches India. I am not sure what Samsung decided to change its name, but it was never about name. People in India can now lay their hands on Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. When we actually label a Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 as an iPad killer, it does not sound wrong […]

Fusion Garage Grid 10 TabCo Tablet PC

Android has been ruling the smartphone and tablet PC market like a king. Many OS have come and go, and Android stayed right up there. Here is the newest entry in the block, TabCo OS powered on Fusion Garage’s Grid 10. Yes, this is Fusion Garage who were responsible for the infamous JooJoo tablet. But […]

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

There is no doubt about the fact that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the best tablet PCs in the market. And here is your chance to pimp your Samsung tablet PC now as number of accessories for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have been officially announced in the market. Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy […]

Are iPads and Tablet PCs Worth It?

Ipads and tablet PCs have commercial appeal. Who doesn’t want to have the latest gadget or be part of the latest tech buzz? iPads look cool, and they have earned more than their share of buzz. But do you really need one? If you already have a smart phone, you have access to a lot […]

Tablet Comparision Chart – Apple Ipad 2 vs Apple IPad vs Motorola Xoom vs LG Optimus Pad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2 vs HTC Flyer vs HP TouchPad vs RIM BlackBerry Play Book

With more number of tablets coming up every day, it is difficult for us to compare different tablet’s technical specifications and hardware configurations individually. Here is an tablet comparison chart which lists all the required details of various models available in the market. Use this ultimate tablet comparison chart to select the  best tablet PC […]

Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom – Specs Comparison

If Apple is all set with iPad 2, then Motorola has got its tablet PC too. Yes, Motorola Xoom would be the another upcoming tablet PC capable of putting up some real show. Once both the tablet PCs hit the market, the Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom battle would be the one to check […]

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