Panda Cloud Antivirus : A Free Antivirus

There are many free antivirus softwares available, but only are up to the mark when it comes to performance. Panda Cloud Antivirus is the premium and innovative product from Panda. Functioning of Panda Cloud Antivirus is based on Cloud Computing which enables the program to run without consuming much of the resources. Panda Cloud Antivirus […]

3 Best Free Software to Mount Disks and ISO Images

ISO is a popular Image format file which can be used to mount on virtual disks. The images are used to clone or duplicate CD / DVD . There are many software out there that can mount disks and ISO images. Here is a list of 3 best free software that can work with these […]

License Crawler – Extract Serial / License Keys of Installed Programs

Every time before you sit to setup up your computer, you always spend hours in pursuit of the license or serial keys for all your software programs. Sometimes you find them and most of the times you won’t. License Crawler is a free program which will extract the serial codes of all the programs installed […]

Clone Spy – Search and Remove Duplicate Files

How often you have wasted your time in downloading the same files more than once from Internet? I know, it must have happened many a times.  Clone Spy is a free program which lets you search for all such duplicate files so that you can delete or remove them without much of hard work. You […]

AVG Link Scanner – Scan your URLs / Links to Check for Virus, Spam

When you spend time browsing new web sites, you are always concerned about the safety of your computer. AVG Link Scanner allows you to scan your URLs or Links of websites to actually know if the web page is infected by virus or spam even before opening it. AVG Link Scanner is basically a plug-in […]

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