Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 – Compare Specs

Yeah! Its officially out now. I am talking about Apple iPhone 5. After lots of rumors and speculations, Apple has now revealed its most advanced iPhone. Being a huge Apple fan, I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am looking at the specifications on the paper. Without wasting much of time, I would like to […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Note 2 vs iPhone 4S – Compare

Oh yes! The most powerful smartphones on the market. No wonder, Samsung leads the race with its 2 smartphones among the below featured three. Although, Samsung lost to Apple in its case, but Samsung has been very successful in creating an incredible brand of its own in the smartphone market. If you are an Apple […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung ATIV S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Here is a post dedicated to the Samsung smartphones. We would be comparing Samsung Galaxy S 3, which has already proved its superiority in the market of smartphones with the two latest Samsung smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung ATIV S. Galaxy S 3 and Galaxy Note 2 run on Android, whereas ATIV S […]

Best Features Of Samsung ATVI S – Windows 8 Smartphone

Well, its official now, the first Windows 8 smartphone and it surprisingly its Samsung which has made it official. Irony is that this announcement has just come after Apple’s victory Samsung. May be its just a coincidence, but who cares. We anyways got a brand new super powerful smartphone in the market. A smartphone could […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung ATIV S vs iPhone 4S – Compare Specs

Yes, Apple won against Samsung, but I am sure that does not make Samsung weak. Soon after its lose, Samsung came back into the market with some wonderful innovations. And Samsung ATIV S is one of the best things ever happened to the family of Windows smartphones. If you go by the specifications, then you […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Motorola Photon Q 4G vs iPhone 4S – Compare Specs

Its been quite a while that Google has acquired Motorola, but we are yet to witness a monster of a smartphone or tablet PC. I am not really sure if Motorola Photon Q 4G is the one, although it does look solid on paper. In this post we would comparing this Motorola smartphone with the […]

Lava XOLO X900 vs HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Compare

These are three powerful smartphones of the modern day. You have HTC’s most powerful phone, HTC One X, the most powerful Samsung smartphone i.e. Galaxy S3 and the world’s first Intel powered smartphone Lava XOLO X900. XOLO X900 runs on powerful Intel 1.6 GHz processor. Although it is a single core processor, but is capable […]

Lava XOLO X900 vs iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Compare Specs

Lava XOLO X900 is the world first smartphone to feature Intel processor. Although Lava is not a big name as Apple, HTC or Samsung, but the specifications of XOLO X900 do make it a great deal of a smartphone. In this post, we would be comparing three smartphones Lava XOLO X900, iPhone 4S and Samsung […]

HTC Droid Incredible 4G vs iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Compare Specs

Its official now. Yes, HTC Droid Incredible 4G has been officially announced to the world. As the name suggests, this smartphone has got incredible specifications. Whether it would be its processor, camera or battery, this HTC smartphone places itself in the category of high end smartphones. In this post, I would be comparing HTC Droid […]

Motorola Atrix 2 vs iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Compare Specs

Motorola are known for their rock solid phones. But we haven’t seen one from them since quite a while. In this post we would comparing Motorola Atrix 2 with the two most powerful smartphones in the market. On one end, we have the superhit Samsung Galaxy S3 and at the other end, we have the […]

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