Nokia Lumia 800 vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S

This is what I call the ultimate fight in the smartphone market. Yes, I am talking of Nokia Lumia 800 vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S. If we speak on technical terms, these three are the most powerful smartphones in their respective OS category. Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the most powerful and successful […]

Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S II – Compare Specs

Now this going to be one heck of a battle. We would be talking about the three best smartphones of different OS. This comparison is between Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S II. You can even label is as the comparison between MeeGo, iOS and Android operating systems. Yes, you are right […]

Nokia N9 vs LG Revolution vs Samsung Galaxy S II – Comapre Specs

Seems like the smartphone market is going to change a little bit now. Currently, smartphone market is ruled by Android. It is difficult for any manufacturer to think beyond Android. And on the other side, Nokia has always vowed not to use Android. So, this made to go with MeeGo OS. And they are out […]

Nokia N9 – MeeGo Smarthone – Specs, Price, Review

Nokia N9 is going to be the one of its kind. This smartphone by Nokia would be running on MeeGo OS v.1.2. And apparently, this is going to be the first MeeGo device of the planet. Whether it would be the looks, specs, and platform, Nokia N9 is one different smartphone that no one of […]

Top 5 QWERTY Keyboard Smartphones

I know people who are not comfortable to touchscreen and they need physical QWERTY keyboard on their smartphones. And looking for phones with physical QWERTY keypads in the market full of touchscreen smartphones. So here are the top 5 QWERTY keyboard smartphones on our charts. All the smartphones do have touch screen QWERTY keypad bu […]

Nokia E7 vs Nokia N8 vs HTC Desire Z – Compare Specs

Its getting bigger now. With the release of Nokia E7, people have started considered it seriously. So this post is about Nokia E7 vs Nokia N8 vs HTC Desire Z. Out of hundreds of powerful smartphones in the market, if you are confused about the above mentioned smartphones, then here is some help. We bring […]

Nokia E7 vs Nokia N8 vs Blackberry Torch – Compare Specs

At one side we have two of the monster Symbian 3 smartphones by Nokia and at the other side we have the incredible slider smartphone by Blackberry. Yes, this is Nokia E7 vs Nokia N8 vs Blackberry Torch (Slider 9800). The present market of smartphones is completely flooded by Android powered devices, so marking themselves […]

Nokia X7 – 00 – Specs, Review, Price

After Nokia N8, Nokia X7 – 00 seems to the latest Symbian 3 based smartphone in the market. Technically, X7 is very much similar to N8 with respect to its specifications. With powerful processor, heavy RAM and incredible camera, Nokia X7 – 00 looks like making some impact in the market of touchscreen smartphones. Here […]

Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4 – Which Is A Better Smartphone?

The heavy battle between Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4 is just about to start. Both these smartphones have their own incredible specifications, but the question is which is better, the smartphone by Nokia or the much awaited Apple iphone 4. Both the smartphones are all set to capture the market. Here, we are comparing […]

Nokia N900 – Smart Phone for Gen Next

Just when it looked like Nokia is falling behind in the race, it fires up the market with its launch of N900 tablet. Nokia N900 was being awaited since a long while because of its amazing looks and unmatched features. Nokia N900 is their first tablet device which is designed to be a smartphone. It […]

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