7 Best $1 Apps For iPhone – Paid Apps For iPhone

We have already shared an incredible list of best $5 apps for iPhone, and its time for some cheaper options. You would definitely do not want to spend your $3-$4 and end up disappointed. How about trying out $0.99 worth apps? It wont hurt if if do not like those apps. So, I have compiled […]

6 Best Paid iPhone Apps Under $5

Whether it would iOS apps or Android apps, the most of the popular ones are the free ones. They say, better things always have a price. And there is no doubt about the fact that if you want to have best of the apps for iPhone, then you have to pay for it. There are […]

Free GPS Apps For HTC One X And HTC One V

HTC One X and HTC One V are one of the most powerful HTC smartphones. One V belongs to the mid range smartphone market, whereas, One X belongs to high end smartphone sector. Well, we are not trying to distinguish between these smartphones in this post. I have shared number of posts on GPS apps […]

Top 5 Fun Apps For iPhone 2012

I wont be wrong if I label modern day’s smartphones as a great means to kill time. Now you need to look for ways to spend some easy fun times if you have a good smartphone in your hand. If you are an iPhone owner, this post would interest you. We have compiled a list […]

Free Document Scanner Apps For iPhone / iPad

Scanner apps are one of the most basic requirement of any smartphones of the modern day. If you ask me, a powerful smartphone is the one which has useful apps installed on it. So its upto you how you customize your smartphone. Better the apps, better is your phone. In this post, I have compiled […]

4 Useful And Free Unknown Android Apps

If an app is good, it gets viral and everyone gets to know about it. But this does not happen everytime. I agree that it happens for 95% of the times, but what about that 5%? What if that 5% features one of the best Android app, yet unknown. The probability is less, but you […]

Best Trekking Apps For iPhone 4S / iPad 2

I like compiling the best apps post. One of my good friend is a regular trekker and he asked me to share a list of best hiking apps. So, I chose to start with best trekking apps for iPhone 4S / iPad 2. Basically what sort of apps could one need while trekking? I have […]

Best Free Android Apps For Emergency And Disasters

Did you ever give a thought to this that you have all sorts of apps loaded on your Android smartphone or tablet PC like Office Suites, Chat clients, email clients, games, music and video players, and much more. But do you have any app which would help in emergencies and disasters. I think I know […]

K-9 Mail – Best Free Email Client For Android

K-9 Mail is one of those few Android apps which are highly advanced and yet free. This is a free email client for Android, yes an open source Android app. No wonder, Gmail Client that comes with Android is good enough to serve your emailing needs. But if you are looking for a more flexible […]

Best Free GPS Apps For Motorola Smartphones

I wish to make my free GPS apps posts family complete and this is the reason that I am compiling the lists for all the mobile manufacturers. Its time for Motorola Smartphones now. Yes, its a compilation of some good free GPS apps for Motorola smartphones. Having a GPS app on your mobile never hurts. […]

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