Top Free Android Apps For Fashion Designers

In this app I won’t be listing out apps which would let you do some designing on your Android, because I am not sure if there are such apps available. Moreover, I have never come across any such apps. We have already shared such posts, Fashion Designing apps for Mac and Fashion Designing apps for […]

Free Alternatives To Whats App For Android

I believe that Whats App is one of the best things happened to smartphones. But the fact that it is free for only one year shall prompt you to look for its alternatives after using it for an year. After happily using it for an year, I am pretty sure that you would look for […]

Passport Photo Android App – Take Passport Photos On Android

Trust me, every smartphone user would have felt the need of having an app which lets them create passport photos. Yes, I am talking about an Android app which would let you take instant passport photos, yes its Passport Photo Android app. This free app offers one of the smoothest and quickest way to take […]

Top 5 Free Podcast Managers For Android

Organized things makes life easier. Whether it would be your wardrobe, books, music or any thing, more organized your things are, better your life would be. In this post we would be talking about some free Podcast Managers for Android. These free Podcast apps for Android are of great help if you like watching Podcasts. […]

2 Free Origami Apps For iPhone

Origami is not just for kids. I know people who are 50+ and love making things with paper. For some, Origami is fun, for some its hobby and for some passion. Regardless your attitude towards Origami, you can check out these iPhone apps for Origami. Whether you can or cannot do things with a piece […]

Fix WiFi On Android – Troubleshoot WiFi Issues Android

Its a free Android app that I would be talking about, which is Network Signal Booster BEST. This free Android app is basically meant to fix WiFi on Android. It implies that if you need to troubleshoot WiFi issues on Android, then get going with this app. The tool can be used in cases where […]

6 Free Best DJ Apps For Android – DJ Mixing Apps For Android

 I know few people who love DJ-ing, mixing songs and doing crazy stuff with music. I respect this madness and I have shared a couple of lists namely, free DJ Mixing Software for Windows and free DJ Software for Mac, and its time for Android now. In this post, I have listed out best free […]

5 Top Free GPS Apps For Kindle Fire

Officially Kindle Fire might only meant for reading books, but if you want, you can get your money worth by using it for various other tasks. And using GPS apps on it is on of those tasks. You can actually use GPS apps on Kindle Fire. No, you cannot just pick any free GPS apps […]

5 Free Financial Calculators For Android

Smartphones are getting smarter each day. And if you are a banker or anybody who needs to work on financial stats, then here is a post which lists out some good financial calculators for Android. This article is for all those people who find basic calculator incomplete. Thanks to the huge Android market that I […]

3 Top Android Apps To Create Playlists

Gone are the days when people used to sit on their computers, choose the best of their songs and transfer them to their music players. With growing storage of the smartphones and music players, we can now afford to sync most of Music Library to our smartphones. Now, there is a flip-side for this. I […]

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