Must Have Free Apps For BlackBerry 10

No wonder BlackBerry 10 is the most advanced BlackBerry on the planet till date, but it has to compete with the likes of iPhones, Galaxies and Nokias. Gone are the days when BlackBerry used to be the technically advanced mobile phone. And like I always say, a smartphone is only smart if it has been […]

Interesting Free Apps For Nexus 4

As per my opinion, Google Nexus 4 is THE MOST powerful smartphone in the Android segment. And its pretty obvious that you are a proud owner of Nexus and hence you have ended up on this article. We have been sharing some interesting posts on this smartphone like Nexus 4 tips and tricks & stuff, […]

Soundwire – Use Android Phone As Wireless Speaker

If you are in a need to use your Android device as wireless speaker, then here is an amazing app for you. This app basically lets you stream computer’s audio on the Android wirelessly. Yes, you read that right. This app need to be installed on your computer and Android device, sync it and that […]

3 Top Free Navigation And GPS Apps For Windows 8 Phones

I LOVE sharing GPS apps. I have friends who travel a lot. So most of the GPS apps that are reviewed by me are either tested by me or by by friends. You do not see GPS devices or navigation devices being sold anywhere in the stores now as the smartphones are going smart every […]

Top 6 Free Apps For Nokia Lumia 920

There is no doubt about the fact that Nokia Lumia 920 is the best Nokia’s smartphone in the current day’s market. And you would also agree to this fact that its one of the top Windows 8 smartphones in the market. With a powerful processor, heavy RAM and monster camera, Lumia 920 have it all […]

5 Top Free Android Apps For Rooted Phones

People ask me why should they root their Android, and here I am compiling this post. I have listed out some of the best apps for rooted Android devices.  You can also find paid apps but as a freeware lover, I would like to share only free apps in this post. Once you root Android, […]

3 Top Free GPS Apps For Nexus 7

Within no time, Nexus 7 has turned itself as one of most top selling tablet PCs on the planet. And all the credit goes to the tablet itself.  I am not compiling this post to mend good words about this wonderful tablet PC, infact I am listing out some of the best free GPS apps […]

5 Must Have Utility Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note II is one of the most smartest smartphones in the market. Its a known fact that your smartphone isn’t really smart unless it has some smart apps. And in this post I have listed some of the must have utility apps for Samsung Galaxy Note II. I have only listed the apps which […]

7 Top Nokia 500 Apps

Nokia 500 is one of the most popular mid range smartphones in the market. Its impressive specs like 1GHz processor and 5 MP camera does make it a popular smartphone. And the fact that its affordable makes it more popular. Lets rather not talk about its specs and price as we are supposed to talk […]

Top 5 HD Games For Android Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is the latest Android OS release and is apparently the most advanced OS for the smartphones. However, we have no intentions of discussing this fact as we are only trying to list out some top class games for Android Jelly Bean. Since this particular Android OS is capable of running high quality games, […]

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