DownDroid – Best Free Download Manager For Android

As an Android user, you must have surely felt the need of a good download manager for Android. DownDroid is a free Android app which is actually an Android download manager offers you with almost all the basic features that your convetional download manager for computer does. With DownDroid, you simply need to copy the […]

5 Best Free Android Keyboards | Android Apps |

Android OS is basically meant for touchscreen devices like tablets PCs and smartphones. And these best free Android keyboards will make your Android device more efficient. Any QWERTY keyboard will let your type with ease and speed. Using the default QWERTY keyboard of Android OS might be a bit uncomfortable, and if it is true […]

5 Best Free Android Apps For Travelers

Are you looking for free Android apps for Travelers? We are in full holiday season and for some the holidays are just around the corner and all those who plan to leave town and take a moment to rest, not leave without downloading the following applications for Android phones . These Android apps for travelers […]

10 Best Free Apps For Nokia N8 | Top 10 |

Nokia N8 is latest sensation in the mobile world, and like any other touchscreen smartphone Nokia N8 can be fuelled with some good apps. So, here are 10 best free apps for Nokia N8 which would not only make your Nokia smartphone more efficient, but more useful and powerful. Here are the 10 best free […]

3 Best Language Translators For BlackBerry

If you are a BlackBerry user, then you surely must have looked for best language translators for your BlackBerry. So, this is a post that you would find interesting as we have found 3 amazing BlackBerry Translators which would make your device more efficient. Here are the 3 best language translators for BlackBerry which would […]

How To Jailbreak / Unlock Windows Phone 7

ChevronWP7 is an amazing free program which lets you jailbreak / unlock Windows Phone 7. This Windows Phone 7 hack has been developed by Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh. Their official website says that: “Today we have an exciting breakthrough for the Windows Phone 7 homebrew community – the ability for anyone to […]

22 Best Social Networking Apps For Android | Social Networking Apps |

Android has soon developed into the most powerful OS for smartphones and other portable devices. And similar is the popularity of Social networking sites. So, here we list out some of the best Social Networking apps for Android. These Android apps would let you spice up your Android powered device and lets you experience the […]

Best Free RSS Feed Reader For PSP | MioMediaBox |

Here is a free RSS feed reader for PSP namely MioMediaBox. This free PSP app by Mioplanet converts your portable gaming console into a feed reader. You can use this app to sync your feeds and read them on the move. Basically there are two software programs which are needed in order to do the […]

How To Search Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, Nokia Apps

Like Google, here is an amazing web service, in fact a search engine which lets you search Android / iPhone /  BlackBerry / iPad / Windows / Nokia or any other smartphone / mobile apps on Internet. Mimvi is the search engine which is meant for mobile apps, mobile content and mobile products. This is […]

Droid Security – Best Free Antivirus For Android

If you are looking for a best free antivirus program for your Android device, then you should try Droid Security. Regardless the make and model of your Android device, this anti virus program would prove to be an useful resource. Smartphone users have different functions on their phones. You can highlight the use of social […]

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