Download Firefox 4 For Android and Maemo

Mozilla is going at brisk pace now. With the release of stable Firefox 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux, they are targeting the Android and Maemo users. And the release of Firefox 4 Beta 3 for Android and Maemo is prove to that. So what could you actually expect from Firefox 4 Beta 3 for […]

Best 7 Free Apps For Motorola XOOM

Motorola XOOM has already created waves in the market of tablet PC and experts say that this could be next big thing among the hundreds of tablet PCs in the market. We have complied a list of best free apps for Motorola XOOM tablet PC. We have complied this list of free apps in such […]

5 Best Free iPhone Shopping Apps

Whether it would be iOS devices or Android devices, it’s the applications which make it more useful and efficient. So, if you are a shop-o-holic, and a proud owner of iPhone, here are the 5 best free iPhone Shopping Apps. There are number if shopping apps for iPhone in the iTunes market, but most of […]

5 Best Free Android Games

Now Android is every where. Whether it would be smartphones or tablet PCs, Android is turning out to be the most popular and powerful OS. So we have complied a list of 5 best free Android games. All the below games for Android are highly popular, not just because they are free, instead they actually […]

7 Best Free Music And Multimedia Apps For Blackberry

No doubt Blackberry was once known as the most powerful phone on earth before Android came into picture. But even now, Blackberry has its own brand, technology and style. If you are looking for best free music applications for Blackberry and the below list come handy to you. These are the music and multimedia apps […]

MySquare – Free GPS App For Windows Phone 7

MySquare is not exactly a GPS app, but can surely serve you as a GPS app for Windows Phone 7. We have already shared Windows Phone 7 apps which includes a free GPS for Windows Phone 7 too. Here are the features offered by MySquare, free GPS app for Windows Phone 7: Tracks your location […]

Best Free GPS App For iPad / iPhone

GPS app is one those basic apps which are must have for any device. If you are looking for a best free GPS app for iPad / iPhone, then you should try GPS Tracker. This iPad GPS is compatible with with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad making itself the best GPS app for iPad, iPhone, iPod […]

5 Best Free Android Apps For Health And Fitness

Android is a powerful platform for smartphones which lets you do so many things. There are thousands of free Android apps available which let you do day to day activities. In this post, we would be talking about some best free Android apps for health and fitness. We have already shared number of free Android […]

How To Disable Threaded SMS In Android

Personally I find the feature of threaded SMS amazing. If you are one of those guys who are into large scale texting , then you would surely love this feature. But irrespective the reason if you wish to disable threaded SMS in Android smartphone, then we have got a solution. Firstly, this is one of […]

How To Root Any Android Smartphone / Device

We have already shared number of tutorials on rooting devices and smartphones. Here is an app which lets you root any Android smartphone / device. Regardless the version of Android installed, this app Universal Androot is capable of rooting any Android device. This app is capable of rooting all the Android versions which include Android […]

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