Best Ways To Download YouTube Videos On Android

Whether it would be computer, tablet PCs or smartphones, you can always use YouTube. And no doubt that as a user you always want to use YouTube. Now, here are some of the best ways to download YouTube videos on Android. If you like to download a YouTube video for your Android, you need not […]

3 Best Free Photo Editing Apps For iPad, iPad 2, iPhone

Editing photos on multi touch is simply amazing. And yes, having good photo editing apps is the key. So, we have complied a list of 3 best free photo editing apps for iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch. Having iOS device like iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch is great as you need […]

3 Best Free Android Apps For Backup And Restore

Smartphones are no longer just high end mobile phones. They are proving to be nothing less than portable computer. You can do everything other thing that you usually do on your computer. Whether it would be browsing Internet, doing Office work, listen to music, watch movies. So, it is very important for you to backup […]

3 Best Free Download Managers For Android

Download Managers are quite handy to manage your downloads. We have been using them on our computers way back. And if you are wondering if there are any best free download managers for Android, then this compilation would help you. These free Android apps would let you do all the things that you can do […]

3 Best Dropbox Apps For Android

Dropbox have completely changed the way of carrying data. This works on cloud storage concept and the fact that Dropbox is so very easy to use makes it an amazing service to use. I am addicted to Dropxbox, and I know that there are millions of fans like me. So, if you own any of […]

5 Free Must Have Apps For Rooted Android Devices

People do say that rooted Android is not as powerful as jailbroken iOS devices. Well, here is a chance to prove them wrong. These free apps for rooted Android would boost up your Android utility factor. Pimp your Android with these must have rooted apps and see how useful you would find your Android. 5 […]

5 Best Free RPG Games For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Some find role playing games as sheer time killer and some are truly addicted to them. This list is for the later half of the people. This list of best free RPG games for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch would impress the gamers live anything. 5 Best Free RPG Games For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch […]

3 Best Free Task Managers For Android

Task Managers are handy tools to have on Android. These Android apps let you kill the unnecessary background processes which not only improves the performance of your Android device but also improves its battery life. 3 Best Free Task Managers For Android Super Manager Super Manager is an amazing utility to have on your Android. […]

CamScanner – Mobile Scanner For Android And iPhone

Here is an amazing way to use your Android device’s camera or iPhone’s camera as scanner. CamScanner is a free app for Android and iPhone / iPad (available as paid versions also) which lets you scan documents using camera and convert them into PDF format. CamScanner is a great app to have as it proves […]

3 Best Free Media Players For Android–Android Apps

Android is meant for multimedia experience and having such Android apps is one of the basic requirement for any Android owner. So we compile a list of best free Android media players apps which would let you play music, video and other multimedia stuff. 3 Best Free Media Players For Android–Android Apps Astro Player Beta […]

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