Photaf 3D – Free Android App To Take Panoramic Pictures

No wonder, Android market is huge when we talk in terms of number of apps available there. And among those free apps, finding the one you want could be a difficult task sometimes. I was trying to find a free Android app to take panoramic pictures on Android, but could not get lucky. Eventually, I […]

2 Best Free Office Suites For Android

Computers are no longer the ONLY devices to get your work done when it comes to creating and managing documents, excel sheets and PowerPoint slides as all the Android devices let you do the same. We have found 2 best free Office Suites which let you create and manage Documents, PowerPoint slides, and Excel sheets. […]

3 Free Lyrics Apps For Android

Now finding lyrics of songs is one of the most common things that everybody does on Internet. While you are listening songs on Android, do not you want to see lyrics right when the song is playing? I know you do, so here is some help. There are some free lyrics apps for Android and […]

3 Best Free Office Suites For iPad

Now MS Office has become something which plays an important role in the lives of the people who depend on computer for their work. So we have compiled a list of some free Office Suites for iPad. These apps are not full fledged Office Suites for iPad, but together they do work like a charm […]

4 Best EA Games For iPhone And iPod Touch

When it comes to computers and gaming consoles, EA Games is undoubtedly one of the best game developers in the market. There are number of EA Games for iPhone and iPod Touch available in the market and we have compiled the list of the best ones. EA Games are known for their jaw dropping graphics […]

5 Best Free Apps For HTC Evo

We have shared so much on Android, which includes free Android apps, rooting techniques and much more. And in this post we have compiled a list for 5 best free apps for HTC Evo. HTC Evo is one of the most popular HTC smartphones and like any other Android smartphone, it can be only used […]

Top 7 Free Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy S 2

Being the most powerful smartphone in the market might be enough for you buy the Samsung Galaxy S2, but just like any other Android smartphone, you cannot make the best of its hardware capabilities until and unless you have good apps installed on this. So, we have compiled a list of 7 best free must […]

Top 5 Free GPS Apps For Samsung Galaxy S 2

GPS Apps are one the most basic things that need to have installed on his Android device. And there is no reason why one should look for best free GPS Apps for Samsung Galaxy S 2 because you can make the best of free GPS service on such powerful smartphones. We have already shared number […]

3 Best Free Android Apps For Google Plus

Google Plus has been getting popular exponentially. And if you are one among its millions of fan base, and also an Android user then here is a compilation of 3 best free Android apps for Google Plus. The only reason behind using these Android apps is to multiply the Google Plus experience which would help […]

4 Best Free QR Code Reader For iPhone

QR Code was never an iOS concept. Although it started from Android, but there are number of QR Code Reader for iPhone available in the market. But the question is why would one need a QR Code Reader? All the major brands are using the QR Codes now. Sooner or later, have a QR Code […]

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