6 Best Free Instagram Alternatives For BlackBerry

Last month, Instagram brought a sweet surprise to all the Android users by introducing Instagram for Android. Number of surveys do suggest that the BlackBerry users want Instagram for BlackBerry too, but is it going to happen? Well, this post was never meant for fueling any speculation on the introduction of this incredible camera app […]

3 Free Guitar Apps For Android

Now this list of free Guitar apps for Android include all the guitar related apps which would help you do things like tuning your guitar, learn to play guitar, find chords for songs, and much more. You can check these apps out and get going with the one you like. And if you are into […]

AfterFocus – Free Camera App For Android For Zoom Photos

Regardless the fact that there are hundreds of free camera apps available in the market but very few come close to impress Android users. In this post, we would be introducing an incredible free photography app for Android, AfterFocus. AfterFocus is most likely the camera app that you are looking for. It lets you take […]

How To Change Font On Android Device

Change is good and I bet no one would disagree to it. No matter how stable you are with your thoughts and things around you, a small change will always bring good. Bringing this philosophy to Android world, you can think if you want to change font on Android device. If you look to have […]

3 Free Android Apps To Schedule SMS

Irrespective to the OS on which your smartphone runs, you would have surely felt the need to schedule texts. In this post, I have compiled the list of free Android apps to schedule SMS. There was an instance last week, when I wanted to send a text to my friend (a reminder basically). Then I […]

5 Best Free Cloud Storage Apps For Android

Cloud computing is the next big in the Internet world, and in next 2 years we can expect the whole computer world getting molded on its terms. People are now using external hard drives for storing movies, songs, pictures and may be documents. They are no longer portable now. People now prefer to save their […]

4 Best Free Apps For Retina Display On New iPad

Retina Display is one of the most impressive features on new iPad and if you have already bought it, then you have every right to flaunt its gorgeousness. In this post I would be listing out some of the free apps for retina display on new iPad. Yes, I am talking about free iPad HD […]

5 Best Free Apps For Windows 7.5 Mango

I have checked out a couple of Windows 7.5 Mango smartphones and have liked this new OS big time. I am not sure how it would go in the market as it would not be wise to comment so early. But one can surely see what it is capable of. If you have bought Windows […]

Top 7 Free Cydia Apps For iOS 5 Devices

I know a lot of people who end up jailbreaking their iOS device and are not actually sure of the things that could be done later. If you have jailbroken iOS 5 device, then you would surely find this post helpful. This is the first time I am writing something for jailbroken iOS 5 devices. […]

3 Free Apps To Share Videos On Android

Today, the world is so much revolving so much around Social Networking websites. Whether it would be sharing videos, pictures, songs or interacting, social networks seem to be the only way. As an Android user, you surely need an easy way to share videos. How about recording a video and sharing it right away? Or […]

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