MSI GT740: Powerful & Extreme Gaming Laptop Powered By Intel Quad Core i7 and Windows 7

Laptops are no longer treated as fragile and flimsy machines. As a customer, we would always look for a compact yet a powerful machine. MSI has released GT740, which they call as “Powerful & Extreme Gaming Laptop”. MSI GT740 is a quad-core laptop and is acquainted with all the features that a gaming computer should […]

Gateway NV5214u Notebook: Specifications and Features

Notebooks are not only the flavor of season, but is also becoming the necessitate of the modern era. Gateway has launched its multimedia notebook namely, NV5214u. NV5214u is meant to bring style with killer performance. Its features does not endanger other flimsy laptops or netbooks, NV5214u is an ultimate substitute for your desktop PC. Gateway […]

Swordfish Net 102 with Dual Intel Atom Processor by Haleron Technologies

The Swordfish Net 102 by Haleron Technologies is an answer for all those people who have a perception that all the netbooks are same and have nothing attractive except for price. Apart from being portable, trendy and low in price like any other netbook, the Swordfish Net 102 has many interesting and amazing features like […]

ASUS G-Series Notebook: M60J Entertainment Laptop

ASUS adds a new member to its G-Series Family. M60J is the termed as an Entertainment Laptop.  M60J is the first mobile PC (notebook)  with a storage capacity up to 1TB.  M60J is equipped with all the features that a powerful multimedia laptop should have. ASUS has designed M60J with ultimate care. Its glitzy black […]

Dell Inspiron 11Z CULV, A 1 Inch Laptop

With Inspiron 11Z, Dell adds a prototype to its CULV family. The looks of the Inspiron 11Z make it look like a hybrid of laptop and notebook. Inspiron 11Z perfectly defines the word laptop. It is powerful, portable, attractive and amazingly thin. Yes, its 1 inch thick which makes it look like a compact mean […]

ASUS Announces Eee PC 1201N with NVIDIA ION Netbook

After so much of waiting, ASUS has finally stepped into the era of its NVIDIA powered netbooks. With Eee PC 1201N, ASUS adds a new member to its family of Eee PCs. Although, the 12 inch Eee PC 1201N is yet to make an appearance on its official web site, but it has been listed […]

ASUS Eee PC 1001HA Offers Linux With Textured Finishing

ASUS has come up with Seashell netbook which is named as the Eee PC 1001HA. ASUS provides an option to choose Linux, Windows XP or a model with no OS at all with the Eee PC 1001HA. Instead of conventional glossy finish, wavy textured looks of 1001HA makes it amazingly beautiful. ASUS Eee PC 1001HA […]

Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 : Multitouch Laptop

With the time technology is also moving at lightening speed. We have witnessed the era of transformation of desktops to laptops and laptops shrinking to notepads. Now, get ready for Multitouch Laptops/Notebooks. Fujitsu has realases its LifeBook T5010. It is facilitated with a 13.3 inch screen which supports a two-finger touch for zooming and panning […]

Toshiba Satellite P500 : Blu-ray Laptop

Toshiba has unleashed its expertise towards the dimensions of Blu-ray technology by introducing Toshiba Satellite P500, which is actually a notebook PC powered by Blu-ray technology. The Satellite P500 is an ultimate machine for hardcore gamers and multimedia fanciers. Check out other blu ray products. Toshiba Satellite P500 features the amazing Blu-day drive to provide […]

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