3 Best Laptops With Full HD Display 2013

In last 5 years, we have seen that monitors (or say, televisions) have evolved in terms of technology at an exponential rate. From CRTs to flat screens, then to LCDs and to LEDs, and so came plasma followed by 3D displays. In this post, we would talking about the laptops with full HD display. What […]

Top 5 HP Laptops 2012

I know people who are brand specific or have an inclination towards a particular brand. If you are one of those people and looking for a HP laptop, then this post for you. We have listed some of the best HP laptops of the year. When it comes to computers and laptops, HP has always […]

5 Top Convertible Laptops 2012

It all started with a computer, then to personal computer which evolved into laptops and later into notebooks. Today, we have smartphone and tablet PCs equally powerful like a decent laptops. Now we have convertible laptops or say convertible tablet PCs. This concept was there even tablet PCs where introduced to us. We always had […]

5 Top Ultrabooks Of 2012

Late 2011 witnessed a spike in the Ultrabooks demand and 2012 has expected some powerful ultrabooks from the start itself. And in this post, I would be compiling a list of best Ultrabooks of 2012. If you are still wondering what a ultrabook is, then here is some wisdom. Well, ultrabooks are the new breed […]

HP Envy 14 Spectra vs MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air – Compare Specs

This is what I call a super comparison. I am a huge Apple fan so pardon me if I get little tilted towards MacBook during the comparison, but I will try my best to be honest. In this post, we would be comparing HP Envy 14 Spectra, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. These are the […]

7 Best Laptops Under $500 Of 2012

Market of electronic devices is going very flexible with each passing week. Gone are the days when you had to buy laptops, computers, mobile phones at high prices. By the virtue of heavy competition among the manufacturers, all the electronic stuff is now available in the price range that you can afford. In this post […]

HP Envy 14 vs MacBook Pro 13 vs Dell XPS 15 – Specs Compare Laptops

We have three most loved laptops in the market listed in this post. Two run on Windows where as one is a Mac machine. In this comparison post we would try to compare all the three laptops, HP Envy 14, MacBook Pro 13 and Dell XPS 15 in such a way that you can get […]

HP ProBook 5330m Business Laptop – Specs, Price, Review

HP ProBook 5330m is the latest addition to the Hp ProBook series. This is a 13.3 inch business laptop with powerful configuration. And like most of the other ProBook laptops, 5330m is slim, lightweight and gorgeous. With Core i5 Processor and 4 GB of RAM, HP 5330m promises great power. And its aluminum body, metallic […]

3 Best 3D Laptops

It was not long ago when 3D technology could be witnesses in technically advanced cinema theatres only. But the times have changed. With 3D technology hitting televisions, laptops, and desktop PCs, everyone wants to live their 3D experience. And if you are looking for some powerful 3D laptops, we bring you the list of 3 […]

Dell XPS 15 vs HP Envy 14 – Compare Laptops

If are looking out for a high end multimedia laptop, then you might have surely given a thought to Dell XPS 15 and HP Envy 14. No wonder, these are one of the best multimedia laptops in the present market with powerful configuration. Dell XPS 15 and HP Envy 14 multimedia laptops are built to […]

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