Gateway LT2102H Pine Trail – Pineview Budget Netbook

Gateway LT2102H is a brand new budget Pine View Netbook. This slim, ultra portable and Pinetrail netbook by Gateway is an Intel Atom Netbook with powerful specifications and is affordable. Gateway LT2102H is powered by Intel Atom N450 processor with 1GB od FFR2 RAM. Although it is slim and portable, it offers a large keyboard […]

Gateway NV5214u Notebook: Specifications and Features

Notebooks are not only the flavor of season, but is also becoming the necessitate of the modern era. Gateway has launched its multimedia notebook namely, NV5214u. NV5214u is meant to bring style with killer performance. Its features does not endanger other flimsy laptops or netbooks, NV5214u is an ultimate substitute for your desktop PC. Gateway […]