NAD T 557 Blu-Ray Player Review

NAD Electronics will be launching they latest Blu-Ray player at 2010 CES namely NAD T 557. NAD treats T557 as an affordable Blu-ray discs player. With resolution of 1080p and affordable price, NAD T 557 itself is a killer. Check out some other Blu-ray players and Top 5 Blu-ray players. Below are the features of […]

HP Designjet T620 24" Inkjet Color Printer Review

HP Designjet T620 is the latest color inkjet printer by HP. With the resolution of 2400 dpi x 1200 dpi Designjet T620 is surely among the best inkjet printers by HP. HP T620 is fast color inkjet printer powered by 800 MHz Intel Pentium M processor. Check out other HP Products. Designjet T620 features HP […]

Top 5 Blu-Ray Players Of 2009

Companies like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and many have released their Blu ray players. So, we list out the top 5 blu-ray players of 2009. Blu-ray disks are surely going to replace HD DVDs. And Blu-ray disks is the future of video format. Let us help you to find of the best Blu-ray player for you. […]

HP – 2009 Cyber Monday Special Sales / Deals

We want to help you with some of the best 2009 Cyber Monday Special Sales / Deals for HP products. Whether it would be printers, laptops and printers deals, HP has the best to offer on this  Cyber Monday. Below are some of the best HP deals for 2009 Cyber Monday: Printers HP OfficeJet 6000 […]

Xbox 720 – Next Generation Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles are the one of the hottest gadget of this cyber era. Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Sega Dreamcast, and many more. And X box 360 is the hottest seventh generation gaming console loved by the people all over the world. Tai Chiem has come up with a conceptual design of […]

SAFA G3 – Portable MP4 Video Player – Specifications And Review

Music and video players are the hotshot gadgets of the current generation. SAFA launches its brand new portable MP4 video player namely SAFA G3. This media player features the built in G-Sensor technology. Its 90 and 360 degrees rotating screen is its killer feature. The G-Sensor technology enabled media player from SAFA comes with an […]

Foxconn Releases Qbox N270 Slim Nettop PC – Specifications

Qbox N270 is the newest nettop PC by Fozconn. N270 is all set to hit the markets with its attractive slim design. Qbox weighs just 700 grams and is 25 mm thick. Foxconn Qbox N270 is powered by Intel Atom processor (1.6 GHz). Qbox also offers a high capacity hard drive with 1 GB RAM. […]

Teclast X23 USB MP3 Player

Teclast has introduced its brand new USB MP3 Player to the consumers. Teclast X23 USB MP3 Player has got elegant and sleek design. Its metallic body and trim around the edges give it a shiny and gorgeous look. Teclast X23 USB MP3 Player is capable of playing a number of music formats which include WMA, […]

Haier HV18A 4 and 8 GB Video MP3 Player |Review And Specs|

Haier has launched its very own portable media player recently, namely Haier HV18A. It offers you with all your music and video needs that any other portable mp3 – video player (media player) is capable of. HV18A is available in 4 GB and 8 GB versions. Apart from these lineaments, this mp3 player by Haier […]

Powermat Wireless Charging Mat Launched At CES 2009 for $99.99

Powermat Wireless Charging Mat is a device which enables you to charge 3 devices at a time by simply placing your device on the mat. Yes, you can charge your electronic devices without using any power cord. The idea behind Powermat Wireless Charging Mat was discussed at CES 2007 and within a span of 2 […]

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