HTC Salsa: The Latest Android Product – Facebook Phone

With HTC Salsa, you will always be on Facebook — and that is probably the first thing an HTC smartphone salesman is going to tell you. Given the other good-but-not-excellent features, that is most probably the sole unique selling point about this new kid with an Android operating system on the smartphone block. Yes, the […]

HTC Rezound vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S

HTC Rezound is the latest smartphone introduced by HTC. On paper, this HTC smartphone looks like a monster. So, we  have tried to compare HTC Rezound vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S. With its HTC Sense 3.5, HTC Rezound marks itself as an Android device with better display. We have compared these […]

3 Best Free Soccer Games For Android

Football is the most beautiful game and being a huge soccer fan, I can give you thousand reasons why it is labelled as the most beautiful game. My favorite PS3 and PC game is FIFA and I know there are millions of people who share the same liking. And whenever I get to check out […]

5 Best Free Games For Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is not meant for gaming, but the fact that it runs on Android does lets you play few games on it. So, we have compiled a list of free games for Kindle fire. The market for Kindle Fire Apps is not as huge as Android market, but is good enough to find the […]

How To Tether Samsung Galaxy S 2

What do you meant by tethering? Well, it is a concept using which you can convert smartphone or tablet PC into a modem or router which would server Internet to other WiFi enabled devices. We have shared posts on tethering Android devices. Here is the post to tether Samsung Galaxy S 2. Once you follow […]

Android Tablets At Gamestop : An Offer That Is Hard To Resist

It seems the gaming platform is the much sought after revenue generator for many players in the industry. The popularity of games (not only restricted to kids) supposedly is driving many players in the technological gamut. If you are among the diehard gamers, this could interest you. GameStop, in an effort to extend its passionately […]

New Features Introduced in Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has launched the latest version of Android which is code named as Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or Android ICS. The latest update of Android has some new features and new looks which differentiates it from Android Honeycomb. It will be available for both smartphones and tablets.  It is programmed to integrate the tablet and […]

3 Best Non Market Third Party Apps For Android

Non market third party apps are those apps which are not listed in Android market. If you are thinking why is that app not added to Android market if it is that good. Well, the reason is simple. It is upto to the developer of the application, if he wants to add his app to […]

How To Install Non Market Third Party Apps On Android

First of all lets talk about non market third party apps. Why would one need to download and install any third party app? Well, the reasons are many. But to understand the reasons, you have to know what exactly third party apps are. There are many apps which do not comply to the rules set […]

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire vs Nook Color Ebook Reader – Compare Specs

It was not long back when Amazon stunned the world with their amazing ebook reader, Kindle which was supposedly the first ebook reader on the planet. And now, we have number of ebooks readers to choose from. Here, we would be comparing Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire and Nook Color ebook readers. With the evolution of […]

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