How To Change Font On Android Device

Change is good and I bet no one would disagree to it. No matter how stable you are with your thoughts and things around you, a small change will always bring good. Bringing this philosophy to Android world, you can think if you want to change font on Android device. If you look to have […]

3 Free Android Apps To Schedule SMS

Irrespective to the OS on which your smartphone runs, you would have surely felt the need to schedule texts. In this post, I have compiled the list of free Android apps to schedule SMS. There was an instance last week, when I wanted to send a text to my friend (a reminder basically). Then I […]

How To Root Kindle Fire On Linux and Mac OS

We have already shared number of ways to root Android devices and we have also shared one click root for Kindle Fire earlier. In this tutorial, you will be introduced a way to root Kindle Fire on Linux and Mac OS X. Without wasting much of words and time, let me straight away start with […]

How To Speed Up Galaxy Note – Best Ways

Hardware do tend to act dormant with time. Whether it would be computer, laptop or even a smartphone for that matter, each of these devices tend to deteriorate in performance with time. Now seeing your Galaxy Note performing slow like a snail (or may be better) does hurt because you have spent your hard earned […]

LG Optimus 4X HD vs Samsung Galaxy Note – Compare Specs

This is a specs comparison post between the most powerful upcoming smartphone and a popular high end smartphone in the market. Yes, this post is on specifications comparison between LG Optimus 4X HD and Samsung Galaxy Note. LG Optimus 4X HD vs Samsung Galaxy Note is a specs comparison post where we have tried to […]

5 Best Free Cloud Storage Apps For Android

Cloud computing is the next big in the Internet world, and in next 2 years we can expect the whole computer world getting molded on its terms. People are now using external hard drives for storing movies, songs, pictures and may be documents. They are no longer portable now. People now prefer to save their […]

LG Optimus VU vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Galaxy S2 – Compare Specs

This is an interesting comparison post between a couple of tablet PC cum smartphones and a super smartphone. Yes, I am talking about LG Optimus VU, Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2. When Galaxy Note was introduced, I thought that it would not make a very big impact but within few months it got ranked […]

How To Install Android ICS On Laptop

Android is an operating system meant for smartphones. And I know number of people who wish to run it on their laptops. I am not sure why they need is as some might need it to develop and test Android apps, and some want to use Android apps on their laptops. Regardless the reason behind […]

How To Create VPN On Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you have been thinking that VPN is meant for computers and laptops only, then you are mistaken. If you are browsing Internet on a device, then having a VPN on that device is always beneficial. Its just a safe way to browse in my view. Now you would need to choose a good trustworthy […]

3 Best Low Budget Android Tablet PCs Of 2012

Within a span of 2 years, things have changed drastically in the world of Android. Technology is getting more and more advanced and price of that technology is getting more and more affordable. Whatever would be the reason behind it, it is working out well for a every Android buyer in the market. In this […]

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