Best Ways To Get Lyrics On iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Who does not like listening to songs, and the bigger question, who does not like singing them along? I am not really sure if you are aware of the fact that lyrics for songs is the most searched item on Google since a long long time. And this is evident to this fact that almost everybody looks for lyrics.

If you have an iOS device, then the idea of having lyrics on iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad must have surely struck you. So if you are looking for best ways to get lyrics on iPhone and other iOS devices, then you have to check this post out.

I have already shared ways to get lyrics on Android devices, its time for iOS devices now.

Best Ways To Get Lyrics On iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad


This is an open source program which is needed to be run once it has been installed. Once its launched, click on automatically find lyrics of all iTunes songs. It will not take much time, approximately 10 minutes for 1000-1200 songs. Now you can use the app to resync your iPhone / iPod touch with that list. In order to view lyrics, just tap on the artwork of any song that is being played.


I have not tried this app, but have heard a lot about it. Its paid version is pretty popular. But if ads do not bother you, then you can try its free version. What I like the most about this app is the fact that is saves lyrics of songs for offline use. So, if you do not have your iPhone or iPod Touch connected to Internet all the time, then this app deserves a chance.

Lyrics Lite

This is a free way to find lyrics for songs on iPhone and iPod Touch. Yes, there is a paid version of Lyrice Lite available, but we would be talking about the free one. In order to get lyrics, launch the app and search by the name of artist, song or lyrics. With its huge database, you will easily find the lyrics of the song that you were looking for.

MetroLyrics Lite

I LOVE THIS APP. But the fact that it is restricted for most of the countries kills half the excitement. You are the lucky one if it is working fine in your country. You must have visited, and this app is developed by this web service only.

The best part about this app is that you are not required to do anything. All you need to do is play music and launch this app, that is it! The lyrics of the song would be displayed on your screen.

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July 19, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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