Best Way To Edit PDF On Android

Honestly speaking, there isn’t an easy way to edit PDF on Android. And there isn’t any app that would let you edit PDFs straight away. Yes, when I say there isn’t app, it means that there isn’t any such paid or free app in the market.

To do it on Android, you have to put in some extra efforts since there isn’t a direct way. So we would be using some common sense, and convert PDF into editable format like Word, or Excel. And once we are done with it our editing, we would convert it back to PDF.

How To Edit PDF On Android

Now the first step is to convert the PDF into Word, Excel or whichever format you want. In order to get the PDF converted, you can use number of free online services.

Convert PDF To Word On Android

There are number of web apps which can be used for the purpose. You need to upload you file and click on the Convert button which would convert the uploaded PDF file to the desired format. Below are some of the free web services which would let you convert PDF to Word online for free. Below are they:


This is an easy to use web service which would let you convert any PDF to Word regardless its content. Once you upload the file, it would also ask you for the email ID. And once it converts the file, the download link would be mailed to you.


This web application is equally easy to use. Just upload your PDF and get it converted to editable Word format in no time. And once the conversion is done, you can make any changes on it.


Here, you need not mention your mail ID as once you upload your PDF file on this web service, it would straight away provide you with its download link. No waiting, no email. Its fast and easy to use.

We are assuming that you have used any of the above methods, converted your PDF to editable Word format, make changes the way you want and save it. And now we need to convert it back to PDF.

Convert Word To PDF On Android

Just the way you have converted PDF to Word, now we need to convert Word to PDF. There are similar web services available which would help the cause. Below are some of such web services:


They call it the best online PDF convertor. You can use this web service to convert PDF to Word online and vice versa. You can get it done in three steps, upload the file, name the file, enter email ID and click on convert to PDF button.

  • WordToPDF

Using it is so simple. Just choose your word file that you want to convert, enter your email ID and click on the Convert to PDF button. Download link would be mailed to your mail ID.

That is it! This is how you can edit PDF on Android. Now if you do not wish to use any of the above mentioned services, you can Google for more services.

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March 1, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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