Best Free Apps To Discover Music On iPhone

One of the best things to boast about an iPhone is that it serves you as the legendary iPod too. I know people who bought iPhone just because they can listen to music and watch videos the way that they cannot do on any other smartphone.

Personally, I love exploring music. While I am listening to music on my computer, I always look to find new artists and bands. And I know there are millions of people with such interest having an iPhone. And if you wish to explore music on iPhone, then you HAVE TO check out this post.

I use lots of services like YouTube, LastFM, SoundCloud, Twitter, and even Facebook shares to find good music that I haven’t heard and I love doing that. I have compiled a list of some good apps to discover music on iPhone for free.

Best Free Apps To Discover Music On iPhone


I know some people who love watching new videos rather than listening them on any radio channel. If you are one of such users, this app is meant for you. Using this app you can watch videos of your favorite artists and bands. And this app recommends you videos that you could like. It also lets you create customized video channels. A good music video streaming app for iPhone.


If you like to listen to modern days music, then this app is highly recommended to you. It features songs from different blogs on the Internet. And the fact that it features selected songs, you would love its audio quality.

ExploreMusic – Share Your Music

As the name suggests, this app is meant for finding new music and sharing it. This music discovery tool for iPhone recommends new music to you. It also lets you watch podcasts, performances, and interviews. It is a very unique app, and you would surely have a nice experience using it.

FlyCast Select

The developers have labelled this app as an mobile entertainment app. It offers you with more than 2000 channels, and it is quite impressive. Although this app covers from news to music, standby shows to TV interviews, we will just concentrate on music. You can browse as per genre and stumble to different tunes. Its latest version features videos too.

MTV Music Meter

If you want to know about the most popular and most rated bands of the current times, then MTV Music Meter for iPhone is meant for you. A good app to know whats hot in the music world.


This is like a must have app for every iPhone user who is a music explorer and the fact that it works like charm is one of the most enthralling things to talk about this app. How many times have to found yourself trying to find the song being played in a restaurant, bar, road side concert, malls? I know, many a times. All you need to do is just launch this app and let music flow into it. And within no time, it would display you with all the details of the songs.


This free iPhone app is very much like SoundHound, but it takes the song detection to next level. Using this app, you can hum a song to this app and it would identify the number. Yes, as simple as that. See if you like it.

In addition to these 7 apps, I know that there are dozens more which are highly impressive when it comes to discovering music. So please comment and share if you are aware of any such free music service for iPhone.

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July 26, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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