Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It was never expected by Galaxy Tab to do exceptional in the market. But in reality, it proved to be so good that it gave tough fight to Apple iPad 2. So with iPad 2 into picture, they came up with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. And as a known fact, accessories will only make a device better. And if you are looking for best accessories for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, then here are the good ones available in the market.

We have recently launched few of the official Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories, which include charges, keyboard docks, cases, Bluetooth, memory cards, screen guards. What is the actual reason behind the launch of these accessories? Well, in order to make the tablet PC more efficient, and useful in terms of utility, Samsung seems to have taken this decision of bringing in some accessories.

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Regardless the way you are going to use Galaxy Tab 10.1 these are one of those things which would only do good. These adapters include, HDMI adapter for $39, USB host adapter for $20, and SD Card adapter.


It is very important to keep Galaxy Tab away from dust as it might hamper its looks. So go for its covers which would cost based on their types and designs. You have textile covers, leather covers and few more types in the market. Other than that, with a price tag of $59, its Book Cover case is also of some use.


I believe it is a must have accessory for Galaxy Tab 10.1 as it solves your typing vows. This full sized keyboard converts your tablet to a portable computer. With a price tag of around $69, this keyboard dock is real worth as it lets you charge your tablet though its 30 pin connection. It also features HDMI port and USB port.


Now, Multimedia Dock is another one of those accessories which would into your tablet PC into mini entertainment center. This dock features a 30 pin connection port, stereo audio out, and this costs you around $39.

There are number of other Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories available in the market which might have been listed above. So, if you find any, please do share with us.


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July 1, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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