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There is no second thought about the fact that cloud service like Dropbox make things so much easy to handle files and stuff. So how about setting up a FTP server on your Android so that you can transfer files from your Android to any online hosting service or even your home computer. That does sound cool, right?

When you see the word FTP, there is no reason to consider it a geeky stuff. There are enough tools available today, that any body can start using it. Here, we would be rather talking about Android FTP Client which would let you transfer files from Android to your home computer.

How To Use Android As FTP Client

I came across this app when I was looking for an alternative to transfer files from my Android which does not make use USB wires. Or suppose I am in my office, and I want to access some of the files on my computer, then this is the way.

So, gear up and install FTP Droid on your Android device. And once you launch this app, it would use its IP address and port number 21, and the best part is that you can use this app even when are on WiFi or its data plan.

Once you connect to it, it would show you with the details like IP address, status and the WiFi connection if it is on WiFi. And as soon as it is ready, make sure that you create an account for yourself. So, just tap on Manage Users, and register to the account by mentioning the path for its files.

And while creating on the account, you can check the Show Advanced Options so that you get to take care of other options like whether you need WiFi or not, port, etc.

Once it is all done, you can access your Android from any computer provided this FTP Droid is running on your Android, and you have any FTP client like FileZilla on your computer.

While creating your account, you can specify a single folder as its home directory. By this, when you connect to your Android using any FTP Client, you directly get to access that folder which cleans up a lot of fuss.

It means that you can sit on your computer, and you can download as well as upload files on your Android provided you this FTP Android client running on your device.

When you launch this app and tap on the Log button, you get to view the complete transfer details happened on that Android device using that Android FTP client, FTP Droid. Kiss good bye to all the cloud services and use this amazing app to transfer files from Android.

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August 9, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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