Android Face Recognition To Unlock Apps, Messages, Contacts

Locking your apps, messages, contacts, pictures, folders and other digital stuff has always been one of the basic requirement of the Android users. But still, users are not happy with password or PIN protecting apps. So how about Face Recognition. Yes, we would be sharing an app with you which introduces Android Face Recognition to lock apps, messages, contacts, pictures.

Best part about this free Android app, Visidon AppLock is that it is so very easy to use and is amazingly accurate. Once you make this app get going, you can easily lock apps, files and contacts. And when someone tries to access it, its front facing camera gets started and scans your face and does the parameter checking.

This whole initial thing might be a bit slow but the fact that this is very accurate make is a powerful Android app locking technique. If you want an extra layer of security by password protection. It means that once the first step of face recognition is successful, it would ask you to enter the password to start accessing it.

Once you install Visidon AppLock on your Android, you can easily choose the folders, apps and other things that you want to lock. And from the settings tab, you can easily choose if you would like to prefer Android face recognition, password protection or both. And once you quit the app after unlocking it, the app would get locked again. But if you want, you can make it stay unlocked too.

The only thing which lacks with this app (and it is quite logical, which cannot be actually counted as a backdrop), is that you need to have an Android device with front facing camera.

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July 22, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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