AfterFocus – Free Camera App For Android For Zoom Photos

Regardless the fact that there are hundreds of free camera apps available in the market but very few come close to impress Android users. In this post, we would be introducing an incredible free photography app for Android, AfterFocus.

AfterFocus is most likely the camera app that you are looking for. It lets you take zoom photos just like one can do on any DSLR cameras. Yes, this app would not convert your smartphone to a DSLR camera, but would surely enhance its camera capabilities.

I wonder if there is a free Android app better than AfterFocus which would let you zoom and take pictures. This app can be surely labelled as a free Zoom camera for Android.

Using this app is not very easy and not so difficult as it is just about getting used to it. You can operate AfterFocus in three modes, Smart Focus, Manual Focus and Double Photo which decide the method it follow to take pictures.

Initially, I would suggest you to use it in Smart Focus and Double Photo mode. In Smart Focus mode, all you need to do is draw the boundary around any object or person which you want to zoom (to be in focus), and this app would take the rest part to ensure that you get a super quality photograph.

In Doubt Photo mode, you need to take two pictures back to back, and based on the movement of the objects or person in the two pictures, it would automatically adjust its zoom mechanism. It is a perfect mode to be used, if you are trying to take photograph of a moving person or object.

And once you get the hold of this app, try out Manual Focus mode as it lets you customize almost each and every parameter of a camera in order to capture a photograph the way you want.

There is a great possibility that you would get sick of this app as it not a click and done app. It requires your efforts to function properly. Give it some time and try using it as it is one of the best free camera apps for Android. And the best app to take zoom photos on Android.

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April 12, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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