9 Must Know Hidden / Unknown Features Of iOS 7

iOS 7 is the latest release of iOS and just like every new OS release, even iOS 7 has got some lesser known (0r) unknown features. And this post is meant to compile all such iOS 7 features.

My friend got this iPhone updated to iOS 7 lately, and there were many features which were evidently new like the theme, Notification Center, and the same there there were number of features which were quite evident, but were useful and new nevertheless.

I have tried to compile few of such unknown iOS 7 features. See if you can make use of any of these less known iOS 7 features.

9 Must Know Hidden / Unknown Features Of iOS 7

9 Must Know Hidden / Unknown Features Of iOS 7

Automatic WiFi Connection

If your iPhone finds any trusted WiFi connection, then it would straight away connect to that WiFi hostspot. All this saves your efforts, time and your data as iOS 7 wont let you unnoticed of any trusted WiFi connection.

Better Auto Dictionary

This is one of the features on which Apple has been working real head. With the coming of better and better messaging apps, any mobile operating system cannot take its typing convenience for granted. And iOS 7’s Auto Dictionary is one of the best improvements from its previous versions.

Better Display For The People With Weaker Eye Sight

The previous iOS versions did not had the feature to get the text bolder. But you can now do it on your iOS 7 by navigating to Settings > General > Accessibility and switch to bold text. Now every text on your iOS 7 device would be bolder which makes every thing readable on your display.

Better Pronunciation Of Names By Siri

Siri has been notoriously pronouncing names of people if names are in your native language. If Siri does the same on iOS 7, then you can tell Siri to pronounce the name properly or you didn’t pronounce that correctly, which would be followed by a set of questions letting Siri pronounce the name properly.

Block Calls And Messages

Because of some reason, Apple has never offered a feature to block calls or (and) messages from a particular number. And iOS7 has this long awaited feature which lets you do the basic number blocking feature to block calls and messages from a number. A much needed addition!

Disable Parallax

Every new addition is not lovable and similar is the case with Parallax effect (3D wallpaper). And in order to turn it off, all you need to do is navigate as Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turn it OFF.

Night Mode For Maps

The bright light does blind your eyes. And this is the reason that using maps on mobile during night is dangerous. Apple has taken this fact quite seriously and launched its Night Mode for Maps which darkens the interface such a way that it wont hurt your eyes. Its an incredible addition to the list of iOS 7 features.

No Limit On Folder Contents

Until now, iOS allowed you to create only 16 items in one folder. And I am sure that this has been one of those features which caused hell lot of trouble. But from now, you can create/move unlimited number of items in one folder.

Timestamps On Messages

This might not be one of the highlighting features, but is surely a useful one which. Now, you will see the timestamp beside the messages (both sent and received) which is definitely a much needed one.

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