7 Vintage Apple Products Which Have Been Forgotten

Apple is known for coming out with devices which are way ahead from its time. This 30 year old company has redefined number the personal computer, the portable music player, the portable media player, and many more.

So lets travel in a time capsule to know more about the vintage Apple products. Lately they are available on eBay with a heavy price tag. And if you give a thought, these price tags are very much justified because these devices are hard to find these days.

Moreover, it is just like having something to showoff that no body owns (may be very few), a status symbol to be precise. These Vintage Apple Products were way ahead from time, as if they were designed by sitting in a time capsule and traveling 10 years forward.

Once you are done reading this, I am pretty sure that you would have so much to talk about Apple. Check them out.

7 Vintage Apple Products Which Have Been Forgotten

Apple II

It was 35 years back when Apple introduced Apple II to the world which was surely the first personal computer on the planet. It had a hefty price tag of $1300 in 1977 which is A LOT. It ran on a 1MHz processor and a 4KB of RAM . You may laugh looking at what you have today, but considering the technology available for the common man 35 years back, Apple II was a remarkable invention.

Apple Bandai Pippin

Do you know that Apple was there in the gaming console market? During the days of PlayStation and Nintendo 64, Apple made a deal with Bandai, a Japanese gaming console manufacturer and promoted their product in the west. It wasn’t a huge success as it was costly and had handful of games compatible on it. Although it was a failure, but it marked itself as a typical Apple product which was pretty looking and different.


eMac is a Macintosh desktop computer popularly labelled as a education Mac. Once it started being appreciated, Apple lowered its price so that it could be bought for domestic use also. It used to run on 700MHz PowerPC G4 processor and featured 17 inch flat CRT display.

With 128MB of PC133 SDRAM, nVidia GeForce 2 MX with AGP 2x support and 40 GB of storage space, eMac soon became one the most popular and powerful computer of its time.

iMac G3

iMac G3 was released way back in 1998 which was supposedly the first model of its super hit series of personal computers, popularly known as iMacs. One of its highlighting feature was its design, which was incredibly prettier than any personal computer of that time.

It ran on 233 MHz PowerPC G3 processor and 32MB of RAM. With 15 inch shadow-mask CRT screen and 4 GB of hard disk, it marked itself as a pretty personal computer that everybody wanted to buy.

QuickTake Camera

Just like every other vintage product, this would surely look like a purposeless device when compared with the ones of the current times. But having something like it way back in early 90’s makes it legendary.

While the whole world was using cameras with rolls inside, Apple thought of a roll-free camera and came up with QuickTake Camera. This camera could capture around 10-15 low quality images which could be easily transferred to a Mac machine. It did not had any screen to check the picture once it has been clicked.

Soon, companies like Sony worked on this idea and came with a series of digital cameras. Yes, you can say that its Apple who introduced the concept of digital camera to the world.

Macintosh TV

No, I am not talking about a small white box and moreover it is called Apple TV not Macintosh TV. In 1993, Apple used a 14 inch television named Sony Trinitron and used its technology to come out with a brand new concept of home entertainment on computer.

It was a great idea but was not a good implementation which neither made it a decent television nor a decent computer. Apple stopped its production right after just one year of its introduction. But this was something that no other company had even thought of at that time.


Before Apple actually came up with MacBook series, it used to sell laptops marked as PowerBook series. Apple introduced number of models and designs under the name of PowerBook and received number of awards for its innovative designs. Apple PowerBook laptops were available from 1991 to 2006.

Being a huge Steve Jobs fan, I would like to dedicate this post to salute the greatest man the cyber world ever had.

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