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Kinect is latest motion tracking device for all Xbox 360 versions. And Xbox 360 Kinect is a smart counter by Microsoft to Nintendo. Kinect is actually a motion sensor tracking camera which gets plugged to Xbox 360 and converts your actual movements into gaming actions. This is indeed getting popular among the Xbox gamers and people are loving it. Now, if you are looking for some best Xbox 360 Kinect Games, then we present you with the list of these Xbox 360 games for Kinect.

It is very necessary that you buy best Xbox 360 games for the latest technology, Kinect and at the same time, that particular Kinect game should be liked by you. So, here is the list of 5 best Xbox Kinect Games (alphabetical order ):


This is a Xbox Kinect action game. Technically, this Xbox 360 game for Kinect is very sound. As a gamer you would love playing it as is detailed and has got good graphics. In this Kinect game, you shoot your enemies, kill them. Playing this Xbox game is real fun.


So you think you can dance? Now, you can show your moves and score points. This Xbox 360 Kinect game is dedicated for all the people who love dancing. All you need to do is choose your track and start dancing to the music infront of the Kinect. With this Kinect game, you can hit the dance floor whenever you want.


Undoubtedly, Kinect Sports is the best Kinect game. You will surely love this Xbox 360 game which is specifically meant for Kinect. This Kinect game lets you play games like Soccer, Volleyball, Track & Field, Bowling, Table Tennis and Boxing. This is one ultimate Xbox 360 game which actually exploits the capability of Kinect.


This is one of those Xbox Kinect game which would make you stick to your gaming console for long time. While playing this Xbox game, you actually need to jump, crouch, kick and do number of things to clear different levels. This is one such Kinect game which can be played a family together.


Regardless the fact that you like racing games or not, you would surely love this Xbox Kinect game. Not that it is something that involves you physically, but the graphics, gameplay, game modes and many other factors make this Xbox 360 game a bit hit.


This Kinect game is dedicated to all the Star Wars lovers. All those Star Wars fans who wanted to live the life that was shown on screen would get a chance to live the same. This Xbox 360 Kinect game lets your fight battles against other Jedis and evil powers and every other thing that you ever dreamt of doing while watching Star Wars.


This is more than a normal Xbox Kinect game, as the main purpose of this game is to help gamers in their fitness regime. With this Xbox 360 game, you can make use of Kinect to do workouts, exercises and other fitness activities. This Kinect game will actually act as your personal trainer and would help you get fitter.

These are few of the best Xbox Kinect games available in the market. Since this is a new technology, people would be thrilled using it, and when you buy right Xbox 360 games, your Kinect gaming experience would surely get better.

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December 1, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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