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Apple iPad and iPhone can serve as a RSS reader too if you have a good RSS Feed reader app running on it. RSS Feeds lets you be in touch with all the latest happenings around the world. Now, you can easily access your feeds from your iPad or iPhone as we list out some of the best RSS Readers ( RSS feed reader apps ) for iPad or iPhone.

Here are the 7 best RSS readers ( RSS Feed Reader Apps ) for iPad / iPhone:

It is a simple RSS reader that helps you to add feeds and manage them on your iPad / iPhone so that you can read them easily. It supports multiple languages including Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, German and more. It is a free RSS reader for iPad / iPhone.

With this application you can easily manage your feeds and folders to read RSS feeds offline straight from your Apple iPad / iPhone. It also offers easy synchronization with Google Reader and a simple and clear interface. The cost of this iPhone / ipad RSS reader is $2.99.

The application is handled the same way as the Mac version and you can have it on the iPhone / iPad too. It offers easy synchronization with Google Reader and also has good design and navigation to read the feeds in comfort. The cost of this iPad / iPhone RSS feed reader is $0.99.

NetNewsWire is another free RSS reader for iPad / iPhone which lets you synchronize your feeds with Google Reader. And other feature which makes it a powerful RSS reader app is the fact that it
reads RSS offline. The premium version of this iPad / iPhone feed reader costs you $4.99.

Feeds is a paid iPad / iPhone RSS feed reader which lets you sync your feeds with Google Reader in two ways. This iPad / iPhone app lets you categorize and manage your feeds safely and lets you save them offline. This feed reader iPad app costs you $3.99.

If you are one of those people who like reading their feeds as traditional newspaper, then Early Edition is for you. It is an interesting iPad RSS reader app, which lets you read your feeds on your iPad spread out as conventional newspaper.

NewsRack is an innovative version of RSS reader app for iPad / iPhone as it offers new and interesting user interface. This RSS reader for iPad can be synchronized with Google Reader and lets you categorize your feeds with so much of ease.

These were the 7 best RSS readers ( RSS Feed Reader Apps ) for iPad / iPhone which would let you access your feeds with so much of ease and fun as these feed reader apps would let you manage your stuff straight from your iPad or iPhone.

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