7 Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab has marked itself as the most popular tablet PC in the market. And if you are one of the proud owners, then here is the list for best accessories for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

These accessories will surely make your tablet PC more efficient and powerful. Based on your needs and budget, you can go ahead with any of the below Galaxy tab accessories.

7 Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy Tab

Keyboard Dock

If you need a keyboard for your tablet PC, you can go with the full-sized 83 key keyboard which comes with dock in station. Yes, this tablet PC might not replace your powerful computer but with the keyboard dock, it would surely not let you miss your computer.

In-car Charger

You can use it to charge your tablet PC even when you are on move. So dont get worried if your Galaxy tab’s battery has dried up, as you can use this in-car charger to charge it up while you are driving.

HDTV Adapter

One of the most incredible features of Galaxy tab is that it features HDTV port. All you need to do is use this adapter and play videos on the bigger screen.

Leather Case

There are dozens of cases available for Samsung Galaxy Tab, and you can go with the one you want. You can find the ones which are just meant for protecting it, some come with stands and some have incredible theme designs. You can find cases for Galaxy tab starting from $10 and would range to $80.

Multimedia Dock

I personally love this Galaxy tab accessory. You can use it to charge your tablet PC and while it is getting charged, you can listen to music as it features in built speakers. It also features a HDMI port, which can be used to connect your Galaxy tab to a bigger screen.

Portable Stands

There are number of stands available in the market which would let you use your tablet PC as a small movie screen, ebook reader, and by placing it on your device, you can operate it more comfortably.

Screen Protector

I consider this as a basic thing that HAS TO BE BOUGHT with your tablet PC. You do not want to spoil the gorgeous screen of your Galaxy tab. And a screen guard will make sure that you protect the display screen from dust, water.

These are the 7 best accessories for Samsung Galaxy tab which would surely make this incredible tablet PC bit more incredible. Let us know if you are aware of such interesting accessories for your tablet PC.

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January 4, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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