6 Top Free Android Apps To Kill Time When Bored

Sometimes killing time becomes very important and I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. Suppose you are standing in queue which is moving at snail’s pace. And that moment, you desperately need some thing to kill your time and that could be any of your Android apps too.

In my pursuit of such apps, I have tried to list out the ones which I think are worth sharing. I have tried to list out a variety of apps instead of just games so that people with different tastes can find something for themselves.

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6 Top Free Android Apps To Kill Time When Bored

Fruit Ninja

When it comes to simple and engaging games, Half Brick always gets its products right at the top. Fruit Ninja is one such game which is so easy to play and at the same, it holds your interest to0, which makes it a pretty solid game. If you get some time, do try JetPack JoyRide as I am sure that you would like that too.

Google Goggles

When it comes to killing time and knowing new (may be interesting and useful) stuff, Google Goggles is the best in the business. All you need to do is click pictures, and find interesting stuff to read about them. This is more fun than it sounds, trust me!

Paper Toss

No matter now far the computer graphics go, but the fun that simple and plain games offer is exponentially high and Paper Toss is one such game. If I remember, this is the first Android game that I have ever played, and I still have it on my device. If you have not tried it out, then take some time out for this one.


If you are an avid Pinterest user, then you would surely get this app loaded on your Android device. And even if you are not into Pinterest-ing, I would like to recommend this app to you because you would love spending time on this as you would encounter some interesting things here.


This is not exactly a reading app, but it does operate as a means to serve you during your leisure time. It actually lets you save content (articles, web pages) so that you can read them when your smartphone is not connected to Internet. With over 8 million users, Pocket does prove to be a solid utility app on your Android.


I like reading random stuff and if you hold such taste, then there should not be a better service than Stumble Upon. This is THE BEST tool to discover interesting things on Internet. Even if you are not much into reading, I would like to recommend this app because it lets you explore so much about the things happening around.

In an market of thousands app, you will surely find more and more apps each day which are interesting and useful. But these are the ones, which I have found to be the best ones to kill time (purely in my opinion). I would sure come up with the extension of this list. Stay Tuned!

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April 9, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra


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