5 Free Must Have Apps For Rooted Android Devices

People do say that rooted Android is not as powerful as jailbroken iOS devices. Well, here is a chance to prove them wrong. These free apps for rooted Android would boost up your Android utility factor. Pimp your Android with these must have rooted apps and see how useful you would find your Android.


5 Must Have Rooted Apps For Android

Adfree Android

Ads are the most essential part of any app as they are the source of revenue for them. No doubt they irritate you to a great extent, but at they are unavoidable. Well, you are wrong. With this app, you can block advertisements in number of apps running on your rooted Android.


Now, this is a useful app to have for your Android. MyBackup lets you take backup of the files on your Android to the microSD slot. It lets you take backup of both data and applications. And you can use the same app to restore back the things that you have backed up.


As the name suggests, this not any game or camera app for your Android. This nifty app lets you capture screenshots on your Android just by shaking your Android. And yes, you do not need to connect your Android to any computer.

Super Manager

This is an super powerful file manager. Super Manager lets you control the whole file structure on your rooted Android. It lets you handle data folder, set read / write permissions on files of your rooted Android.

Wireless Tether

If you want to turn your Android device to a WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot, then get this app installed. It offers you with safest wireless tether as encrypted connection does not allow any other user to access your hotspot without your permission. It is not flawless, but is good enough to serve your purpose.

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April 21, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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