5 Top Free Jumping And Running Games For Android

Simple games on your phone is the best way to kill time. If you have Android device in your hand, then you definitely need to have some simple jumping and running games on it.

Such games not only kill time, but also prove to be good means to burn your stress. Since these games does not ask for much of your thinking, you will surely love them. Below are some of the best jump and run games for Android. And yes, these games are free.

Top Free Jumping And Running Games For Android

5 Top Free Jumping And Running Games For Android

Jetpack Joyride

This has been one of my favorite Android games ever. Jetpack Joyride is not exactly a jumping and running endeavor, but with jetpack and few gadgets, this is surely a game that you have been looking for. Go, check out this space run.


This is my favorite game these days. It has got great graphics, and different camera angles make the whole thing more tasty. You get tigers, bikes and trolleys to ride. Run, jump, slide and save yourself from obstacles and wild animals. A killer of a game.

Subway Surfers

Its a pretty colorful game where you need to run, skate and dodge so that the Inspector and his dog does not catch you. You run on the railways tracks, so you have to be careful with the hurdles, trains and some other obstacles. A nice game!

Temple Run 2

This is another popular Android game which would please you. With better graphics, more obstacles, more powerups, interesting landscapes, this has definitely lived to its hype.


Another running game for Android that you would like to check out. In this game, the world is about to end, and you are running for your life. While all this, you collect things to survive. You would totally love its graphics. Check out!

There are number of such good games hitting Android market every week. Its all about finding the one that pleases you play it. I usually start with one game, play it like hell, and then shift to the second one.

Happy Playtime!

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March 5, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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