5 Top Free Android Apps For Rooted Phones

People ask me why should they root their Android, and here I am compiling this post. I have listed out some of the best apps for rooted Android devices.  You can also find paid apps but as a freeware lover, I would like to share only free apps in this post.

Once you root Android, apps actually get root access to your phone unleashing immense power. And once you root your device, you can come across such apps which cannot be replaced by normal Android apps.

5 Top Free Android Apps For Rooted Phones

5 Top Free Android Apps For Rooted Phones


Have you ever thought of an ad free Android? All the free Android apps are powered by Google Ads or some other vendor, but all of them are equally annoying. If you want to have an ad free Android, install this app and see the magic. Its deserves to be in the top app list for rooted phones.

No Frills CPU Control

One thing that you would definitely want to do with your rooted Android is increasing its CPU speed / frequency. For instance, if you need to increase the frequency of your device’s CPU in order to make the most of your smartphone’s hardware.

ROM Toolbox Lite

One of the most popular reasons behind rooting an Android is that you get to run ROMs. And with this rooted app, you get to do so much with your ROM installation interest. It lets you create and restore backups, wipe data & cache, install ROMs & themes, install CyanogenMod and other ROMs.

System Tuner

If your Android device is rooted, then this is a must have app for you. You can not find a better app than this one which would let you keep it in shape. It comes with tools like Task Manager, CPU Manager, Task Killer, Application Manager, Activity Recorder, System Tweaker and much more.

Titanium Backup

If you have been using Android for a while then you would realize that there isn’t a free app which could backup as well as restore thing on your Android. But this app for rooted Android devices are capable of taking backups and restoring it back. Its a killer app to have as you can no longer be worried about the loss of your data.

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January 11, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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