5 Free Financial Calculators For Android

Smartphones are getting smarter each day. And if you are a banker or anybody who needs to work on financial stats, then here is a post which lists out some good financial calculators for Android. This article is for all those people who find basic calculator incomplete.

Thanks to the huge Android market that I was able to find some incredible free Android financial calculators. Below is the list where I have compiled the apps in alphabetical order. And most of the below calculators are good enough to cater to your needs.

5 Free Financial Calculators For Android

Financial Calculator

You might find all the names pretty similar, but mind you, all the apps are different. Its better you check them out! This one is also a pretty advanced calculators featuring depreciation and bonds calculator, effective rate converter, IRR, MIRR.

Financial Calculators

Its a pretty complete calculator for all the people in Finance which include features like TVM Calculator, Currency Calculator, Loan, Compund Interest, Credit Card, Retirement and many more calculators. One of the most advanced calculator available.

Financial Calculators Lite

Although the name of the applications includes “Lite”, but its not less than any full fledged calculator. The list of the features that it offers is so huge that I cannot list out them here. Its better you check out the app once and see how useful its to you.

SL Calculator – Free

Its with Ad version is absolutely free with complete features. But if you need an ad free version, you can get it for $1. It will let you calculate different types of loans, retirement calculator, mortgages and much more.

Smart Financial Calculator

Its a multi-functional calculators featuring number of functions which would let you do all your financial calculations on the go because you have an Android in your hand. It even lets you calculate things like fuel consumption. A pretty popular app in the finance world!

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November 1, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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