5 Best Personal Finance Mobile Apps

With all the great technology that is available in the world today, chances are good that you own a smartphone. There are several platforms from which to choose — iPhone, Windows Phone and Android. All of these systems contain plentiful app markets from which you can download great finance apps, many of which are free. Personal finance apps are essential to have right at your fingertips so you can always keep on top of your money.

• PayPal is a free app you can download to your iPhone or Android device. It is a must if you receive payments via PayPal as you can easily and quickly request or send money. You can transfer money to your checking account or add funds from your checking account to your PayPal. You can even conveniently snap a picture of a check to deposit to your PayPal account. It is safe and secure and is available in a variety of languages. With your account, you can even get a low interest rate credit card.

• Mint.com Personal Finance is another great free app you can download to manage your finances. It is available for the iPhone and Android and is one of the most highly ranked apps of its kind. With it, you can conveniently manage all of your savings, checking, credit card and loan accounts in one place. The app even sorts all of your transactions into their respective categories. It is safe and secure to use and is passcode protected.

• Pageonce — Money & Bills is a great free app for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android phones. It allows you to keep track of all of your financial accounts in one place so that it is easier to manage them. You will receive real-time notifications and can monitor your credit card transactions and the status of your bank accounts. The app is safe and secure.

Google Finance is free for Android smartphones and provides you with real-time quotes on stocks. It allows you to track all of the latest updates in the market and view the latest news about various stocks.

• Adaptu Wallet is a great free app for the iPhone that allows you to track and manage your money while on the go. You can place all of your finances in separate categories, including bills and expenses and receive alerts just prior to going over your monthly budget. You can take photos of your membership cards and other items so that you can simply use your phone.

When it comes to apps, there are thousands that can make finding the right one nearly impossible.  However, when you’ve got a little bit of know how and the right guidance, choosing the right apps can be a little easier.  So when you go to choose the right personal finance apps, be sure to give one of the aforementioned a try.

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May 30, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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