5 Best iPad 2 Accessories

Apple iPad 2 is slimmer, better, and faster than its previous version of tablet PC. Although both the Apple tablet PCs are different in various aspects, there are number of iPad accessories which would work smoothly with iPad 2.

Some of the iPad 2 accessories have come straight from the Apple’s store while some have been brainchild of third party vendors.

5 Best iPad 2 Accessories

Bags for iPad 2

There are number of shoulder bags, backpacks and messenger packs available for iPad 2 which would not only let you carry iPad 2 but also adds style quotient. 

If you are going to make the full collection of useful accessories you are going to need some carrying capacity and these bags for iPad 2 would surely help you.

HDMI Adapter for iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 features a HDMI port. So, it lets you play your videos from iPad 2 on HDTV provided you have HDMI adapter. If you have HDTV and iPad 2, then HDMI adapter is a must have iPad 2 accessory. This would cost you around $40 and would play HD videos recorded at 720p.

Screen Guard for iPad 2

Screen Guard is a must have accessory for any touchscreen device. So this makes this a must have accessory for iPad 2 too. There are number of vendors in the market which would protect your iPad 2 screen from dust and other harmful particles.

Smart Cover for iPad 2

The most basic thing that you must have with your iPad 2 is a good cover. Apple has come out with its very own smart cover which is designed such that it would offer light protection to the tablet PC and this will make the device to used as a stand too.

Otterbox is a third party manufacturer who have come out with this interesting design for iPad 2 cover which would let you keep your device neat and clean.

Speakers for iPad 2

Having portable speakers for iPad 2 would always come handy when you are out with a group. Manufacturers like SimplyBibe have come out with number of models of portable speakers for iPad 2 which would be compatible with other Android devices, iPods, iPhones too as they use 3.5mm port to connect. 

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March 24, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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