5 Best Free Cloud Storage Apps For Android

Cloud computing is the next big in the Internet world, and in next 2 years we can expect the whole computer world getting molded on its terms. People are now using external hard drives for storing movies, songs, pictures and may be documents. They are no longer portable now.

People now prefer to save their documents on cloud. And you can make the most of these cloud storage services by using Cloud storage apps on Android and saving stuff like photos, documents on the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere you want.

Once you install these Android apps for cloud storage on your device, you can configure them such a way that whenever you capture a picture or save a video, it gets saved to your cloud storage which ensures its safety and durability.

5 Best Free Cloud Storage Apps For Android


Box is the oldest name in the cloud storage market. If you register to Box from its website (the conventional way), then you would get 5GB of free space, but if you install its free Android app from the market and register using that app, you would get 50GB of free storage space on Box cloud for lifetime.

And you can use this cloud storage service in such a way that you can click your photos and have them directly on to the cloud. So, you need not transfer data from your Android device to your computer as everything is in sync now.


Dropbox might not be the oldest, but is surely the biggest player in the cloud storage market. With its easy to user interface, Dropbox has managed to impress thousands of users. I have already shared tricks to get free Dropbox storage with you.

So once you are good with the storage on your Dropbox, you can get Dropbox Android app installed and start using its free storage.

Ubuntu One

I have tried this on one of the Android devices and I have to tell you that I am in love with this app. Yes, it comes from Ubuntu but it does not mean that you need to have Ubuntu running on your computer to make the best use of it. Now this app comes in two versions, Ubuntu One Files and Ubuntu One Music.

You can configure these apps such that whenever you copy or download something in a folder (selected in configuration), it would automatically get uploaded to the cloud. No need to spend manual efforts when you can get things done automatically. And its Cloud Music Player is a great addition to the whole package. It comes with free storage of 5GB.

Apart from these three cloud storage services, there are name like CX and SugerSync which are equally good to be listed in this list. Now make use of these cloud storage services and configure your Android devices such that you need to save things on the microSD card of your device.

Once you are all done with the registration, installation and configuration, you can sync your Android devices with the cloud such that your data would automatically get pushed into the cloud.

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March 21, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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