5 Best Free Android Apps For Travelers

Are you looking for free Android apps for Travelers? We are in full holiday season and for some the holidays are just around the corner and all those who plan to leave town and take a moment to rest, not leave without downloading the following applications for Android phones .


These Android apps for travelers would not only help you document your adventure, but you expand your travel experience by offering the best of restaurants, hotels or museums anywhere in the world in seconds.

Here are the 5 best free Android apps for Travelers:


This Android application for Travelers will surprise you because it uses the technology called augmented reality. This Android application is to observe the world in layers, giving you the option to choose which layer is what you observe. For example, I can turn the layer of restaurants close to me, therefore, the camera phone will observe all the restaurants that are around. It could also be a tourist and activate a layer to read the background and comments from different places or historical symbols.

Trip Journal

Application to all your travel document automatically and easily by taking the route in real time. You can also add destinations, photos, videos and comments easily, either during or after the trip and making sure not to miss a single detail.

Google Maps Street View

Nothing more comfortable than your phone can search in the direction of the museum or the store you want to visit, but the most exciting thing would be to see a real picture in 360 ° of place where you are going and be able to sail on it. This is possible thanks to Street View in Google Maps, an Android application for traveler that lets you see what the place you want to reach, no matter where you are.


Offers the possibility to explore all the places near your location, address, comments and other recent visitors. With just a check-in, lets you search and find places by name and address, whether restaurants, halls, supermarkets, virtually anywhere you are registered. So get ready to become your own tour guide!

Transport Maps

If you’re using public transport you have it on your phone since it covers all the maps of bus routes, train, tram and light rail. The interesting thing is that you can download the maps before you arrive at your destination and save on your phone, so you can plan your itinerary in advance and not have to download the map every time you’re ready to use.

These are the 5 best free Android apps for travelers which would surely make a live of traveler easier if they have an Android device like smartphone.

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December 21, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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