5 Best Free Android Apps For Kids

Yes, some might think that why would one look for apps for your kids for your Android device. So if you have an Android device at your home, then you might feel the need of having some apps for your kids. We have compiled a list of 5 best free Android apps for kids.

Well, we have tried to make sure that your kids do not addicted to these games and the same time, your kids get to learn stuff. This is how you can keep your kids busy in an healthy way provided you have Android device.

5 Best Free Android Apps For Kids


If you kids are fond of stories, then try out this app as it narrates stories to your kids. This free android app also get latest updates which add more and more stories to this app.


If you want some app for your kid which would sharpen his math skills, then this app is a must have. This amazing app challenges your kids with number of math bases quizzes. Apart from that, it features an option called Open Feint which lets you compare your kids performance with their kids.


This is an interesting game for your kids where he or she needs to remember the number of flags, fruits, or both that have been displayed in the previous frame. It a nice game which is not very difficult to play which makes it a good one for your kid.


This is another math based app for your Android device. In this app, your kid will find bubbles fling around with math questions. And your kid gets points if he goes right every time.


After a lot of math, its time for some Physics. In his Android game you have to use spaghetti sticks to move marshmallows. And this takes you to next level. This is a must have app for you Android device as it surely sharpens your kids way of thinking. And I would also recommend this an interesting app for you too.

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July 4, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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