5 Best Custom ROM For Samsung Galaxy S 2

Once you root your Android device. the big question is which custom ROM would you like to install on your device. And no wonder, it is a crucial decision to make. And if you are looking for good custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S 2, then we have got 2 good ones for you.

I am not labeling these custom ROMs as THE best ones for your Galaxy S 2 smartphone. Since the market for custom ROMs is huge and number of ROMs are released every week, marking one as the best would be a tough call.

I have done some reading and according to me, these are the 5 best custom ROM for Galaxy S 2 smartphone. You can find more details below:

5 Best Custom ROM For Samsung Galaxy S 2

Cognition ROM

If you talk about custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S 2, Cognition ROM is like one of most downloaded ROMs around. It is actually based on the official Samsung firmware which ensures that externally things look the same for you which makes it completely user friendly. It adds so much to your smartphone in terms of its features like better camera, better battery life, and tons of other tweaks.

CyanogenMod 7

I doubt if any Android user has not heard of this custom ROM. With over 5 million downloads overall, this is one of the most popular and powerful custom ROM available. Whether it would be its looks, stability, or features, CyanogenMod is THE one for you.

SensatioN ROM

This custom ROM has some classy and smooth looks. With transparent dockbar, it adds a great new dimension to your smartphone. And with addons like glass look dialer, new panels, smoother animation, it changes your smartphone to a great extent. You would love using this ROM on your Galaxy S 2


Do you like ocean blue? Then this custom ROM would impress you to the core. It has got around 30 themes with incredible CRT animation. Apart from that, its ad free host and VOIP-SIP support would make it quite useful.

It comes with extra widgets like app cleaner, clock, Launcher Pro. It also features Gingerbread keyboard which would solve some of your typing woes And with new sounds, alerts, notifications and hacked camera, you would just feel like having a different thing in your hand.


This is one of popular ROMs for Galaxy S 2 around. I found number of its admirers in many forums. With number of tweaks, improved battery life, some incredible looks, this custom ROM is very much capable of impressing you.

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November 4, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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