5 Best BlackBerry Apps For Music Lovers

All smartphone users are music lovers. Blackberry users are no exception. Keeping their needs in mind, blackberry developed a number of apps for music playing as based on surveys among the users. Among all the blackberry music applications, many are freeware, i.e. users can download and install them without any cost. For some apps, they have to pay a certain price. All those apps are enriched with features that are guaranteed to keep the user happy while listening to their favorite tracks. In this article we shall discuss the top 5 blackberry music apps voted to be the best by customers.

5 Best BlackBerry Apps For Music Lovers


The first app that comes to our mind is Shazam. It is a very unique app based on its functionality. All users are impressed by the razor sharp memory of Shazam. The user has to play any music on any player and while he holds the phone on near that music for about 15 seconds, the app identifies the music, name of it and the origin or the musician along with the album. Although there are certain limitations, like live music cannot be identified by Shazam and the user cannot by music with it, still the recognition feature makes it a favorite among the users.


Just like the name, the app acts likewise. Any user can compare it to Pandora’s Box. The user just has to type in the name of the artist or band and the song, and the app creates a music station all by itself consisting of the favorite tracks of the user by that artist. Although the app is very simple and can be used in all types of devices, it has been a big hit among Blackberry users.


This app is a freeware. It is developed by Live365 radio service and is easily accessible for all blackberry users. The user can access live radio anytime by using this app. it supports all stations in any area and the user friendly feature makes it an all-time favorite.


Another favorite music app. it is built in partnership with Fox news, Wall Street journal, MSNBC. These highly acclaimed partners have made it a sure shot hit. This app not only supports music but also enables the user to listen to live radio, streaming news and their favorite shows. The user can use this anywhere and anytime.

ITunes Sync

Another top favorite app is the ITunes Sync. For users busy with their daily life, it becomes difficult for them to keep a record and update the recent music purchased by them. With the help of this app, pressing a single button results in transferring all the user favorite ringtones or music from their desktop, laptop to their blackberry wirelessly within a short time.

When it comes to listening to music, blackberry has always provided with nice apps having good sound quality. The apps are all efficient in managing the user favorite tracks and making them easily accessible to the user. So, no more waiting, users should go to the blackberry website and grab their favorite app based on requirement.

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