4 Free Apps To Create GIF On Android With Photos

Photos used to be only way to capture some top moments of your lives. But with the advancement of technology, we are witnessing some high end cameras, smartphones, tablets. And capturing photos and videos have become a daily affair and its surely a blessing.

Well, we are not here to talk about the importance of photos and videos in our lives. Infact, we would be talking about ways to create GIF on Android using photos. If the idea of clicking few pictures in a row and making a GIF out of it on your Android device thrills you, then keep dig into this post as you would find it resourceful.

4 Free Apps To Create GIF On Android With Photos

4 Free Apps To Create GIF On Android With Photos

Camera GIF Creator

As the name suggests, this free Android app lets you take pictures and make a GIF out of it. It also lets you use the already existing images. One thing which would interest you is its advanced settings option. Unlike any of the app that has been listed here, this particular Android app lets you control few things like frame rate, quality, size making the whole thing more flexible.

GIF Boom

This incredible Android app has been rated as one of the best GIF creators in the Google Play market. The app promises to let you create a GIF image in 60 seconds. Its features like shooting modes, live filters, text adding feature, capability to use already clicked pictures, sharing options does make it a pretty solid app. Check it out, and see if you get addicted to it.

GIF Camera

I have tried it out and was amazed to discover how easy it was to use it. If you want some help to quickly make a funny GIF without much of fuss, then get it loaded on your device. It also lets you share the GIF on number of social networks, which makes it a complete package.


This is pretty new Android app in the Google Play market. Its an easy to use app where all you need to do is take pictures, add effects and get your GIF. Since it lets you tweak the final image, it surely can prove to be an app which could cater to your needs.

You must have definitely come across number of other GIF creators for Android. But these are the ones which are free, tested by me, would surely prove to be real help if you wanted to create GIF on your Android devices.

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