4 Best Ways To Sync iTunes With Android Devices

There is a huge group of people who love using iTunes and also own an Android device. And you belong to that group, that is the reason you have landed onto this article.

iTunes Playlists is one of the its most highlighting features. There is no doubt about the fact that you might have spent some quality time on creating playlists. And you would surely want those playlists to be available on your Android device.

4 Best Ways To Sync iTunes With Android Devices

In this post, we would try to bring out some of the best ways to sync iTunes playlists on Android devices to your notice. Here are they:

4 Best Ways To Sync iTunes With Android Devices

DoubleTwist With Magic Radio

This particular app is more than an app meant for syncing. Apart from letting you sync your iTunes playlists from your computer using USB, it also lets you enjoy the Magic Radio, download high quality and legal album art, subscribe to podcasts and much more.

Easy Phone Tunes

Its a free pair of apps, one for your Android device and the other for your computer (Windows as well as Mac). Its interface is pretty clean without many high tech options which makes it quite user friendly. All you need to do is is launch this app on your Android and then on your computer. Once done, just tap on the green colored sync button and it would bring all your iTunes playlists on your Android device.

Synctunes USB Free For iTunes

As the name suggests, its a free app which would let you sync podcasts, music tracks, playlists, album art to your Android. In addition to this, this app would also let you organize your media related stuff on your Android. This app also comes in a pair (one for your Android and the other for your computer, ONLY Windows).


Its a pretty solid app if you are looking for some means to sync your iTunes playlists and tracks. Its simple to use. Install its Windows or OSX version on your computer, and do the same on your Android (its Lite version, which is the free one, will only let you sync 20 songs for 1 playlist). Once you put both the devices in sync, it wont require any manual intervention.

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