4 Best Free Mario Games For Android

Mario is a Legend and there isn’t any human alive on this planet who have not heard about this fictitious character. I am sure you still remember the good old times when you used to play Mario on your TV video game and computer. So lets bring it to your Android device. Yes, I am talking about the best free Mario games for Android device.

Android market is huge. Finding the apps you want is not at all a huge task. We just want to save some of yours, that is the reason that we have compiled some of the best Android Mario games for you. Hope you would like them.

4 Best Free Mario Games For Android


This is a game which has no age bar on it. Dr. Mario is actually a Nintendo game which has been brought to Android now. Here, you try to destroy the bacteria with the magical medical sterilization agent. This is an interesting game to try.


It is a bit different from the original Mario game that everyone knows, but the developer has tried to bring the same effect on to the Android device. You need to give it try, who knows you might end up liking it as it based on the most popular game on the planet.


This is actually a jigsaw puzzle which involves some of the amazing pictures of Mario. You get to play this game in two modes. One is Rookie where you can simply drag and drop the pieces and the other one is professional where you have to slide the pieces to complete the puzzle.


If you are a die hard Mario fan and believe that you many so many things about him, then this game is for you. This is actually a quiz game where you need to answer the questions based on Mario facts like What is the last name of Lugi and so on.

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