4 Best Free Games For Nokia N8

Well, regardless the OS your smartphone runs on, games are like the most important apps on it. So, if you have been using Nokia N8, and having tough time in searching good free games for it, we have compiled a list of few free games for Nokia N8.

Although all the below games can be downloaded for free on OVI Store, but these are the must have ones for your Nokia N8 smartphone as these are amazing to play.

4 Best Free Games For Nokia N8

Angry Birds

There is no reason why Angry Birds could not be listed. Irrespective to the mobile platform, Angry Birds has to be there on your smartphone. This has turned out as big as any legendary game like Mario or Pac Man. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most  highly recommended game for any platform.

Devils And Demons

This is another free game for Nokia N8 where you fight for the human race. In this game you fight against the deadly creatures which represent evil and are on their mission to destroy the human race. This is an action packed game and you would like it if you are into action games.

Terror Attack Lite

This Nokia N8 game is based on the terror attacks of the 26th November 2008, at Mumbai, India. You get the play the game in such a way that the brave soldiers fought against terrorists that very day.

Tron Tanks

This is the classic Tank game with a complete modern touch. You get to control immensely armored tanks and need to patrol the grids around, collect weapons, get grenades and more power and beat the hell out of enemies.

Please do share if you have been playing any such free games on your Nokia N8.

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August 3, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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