4 Best Free Apps For Retina Display On New iPad

Retina Display is one of the most impressive features on new iPad and if you have already bought it, then you have every right to flaunt its gorgeousness. In this post I would be listing out some of the free apps for retina display on new iPad. Yes, I am talking about free iPad HD apps.

It is a known fact that most of the apps are not ready for 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution display. And finding apps meant for the retina display of iPad HD would prove to be a tedious task. I hope this list compilation of apps would prove to be of some help for all the new iPad owners.

4 Best Free Apps For Retina Display On New iPad

ABC Player

If you like watching ABC TV shows on your iPad, then try out ABC player. I bet you would love watching TV shows on the retina display of your iPad. It lets you check out schedules, watch the episodes you wish to, pause them and resume it whenever you want.


It is not a free app for iPad, but costs just $0.99. And the reason I am listing it here is the fact that it lets you flaunt the retina display of your iPad in the best possible way. It lets you manage your photos, and is more like a Photo Booth. And using this app you can share your pictures on almost all the popular social networks.


Reading books on retina display screen would be some experience. With Kindle installed on your new iPad, you can read newspapers, magazines, newspapers, PDFs. Use Kindle and bring your new iPad to the best of its use.


Anything that lets you handle photos and stuff is the best weapon to test the retina display on your iPad. It lets you mark up pictures, screenshots, webpages and edit them and share them. An ultimate free app for retina display on new iPad for people who like doing things with pictures and stuff.

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March 19, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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